Dune driving on the Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

The Skeleton Coast is dominated by enormous dunes, and one of the best way to explore these is in a 4X4 vehicle specially adapted for dune-driving.

Setting out early in the morning, you will first be taken to see the sun rise over the dunes - this is a beautiful sight, with the colors of the dunes changing as the sun passes over them. The air is still and cool, and it's a great time for photography - no dust or haze to blur your shots.

You then embark on your dune safari - traversing the mighty dunes and, at the hands of your skilled guide, driving right over the top of some of them. You'll hear the phenomena of the roaring dunes - as the land rover descends the steep dune slopes, the friction of the sand being compressed causes a vibration and an incredible sound - almost like whalesong. This is the roaring dunes, and it's an incredible thing to hear. Your guide will drive you to some of the best viewpoints, and there you will stop for coffee with nothing but the wide spaces of the Skeleton coast surrounding you. An utterly awe-inspiring morning's activity.

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