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Three Camel Lodge

In the wilderness of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, Three Camel Lodge is a one-of-a-kind ecolodge that captures the nomadic spirit of this mesmerizing landscape with its singing dunes, dinosaur skeletons and herding tribespeople that have thrived for centuries.

The Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Three Camel Lodge
  • A unique opportunity to escape everyday life and follow in the footsteps of the traditional Mongolian nomads of the Gobi Desert
  • Commitment to environmental and cultural sustainability, with a gentle footprint on the surrounding landscape
  • Fascinating activities amongst the desert landscape, from throat-singing performances to paleontological excavations at the Flaming Cliffs
  • Décor and furnishings have been handmade by local artisans, capturing the essence of the local nomadic tribespeople

Spread across the wild expanse of the Gobi Desert, a handful of felt-roof gers – traditional Mongolian dwellings – dot the landscape, offering intrepid travelers the opportunity to experience the traditional nomadic way of life amongst one of the most unique landscapes on earth. Follow in the footsteps of the ancient herders that have made their home in here for millennia, sleeping in a traditional felt ger, dining on delicious local delicacies and exploring the majestic desert landscape, home to camel herders, snow leopards and astounding palaeontological remains.

The lodge’s 40 gers are spread out across the desert landscape, each facing south and connecting to the main lodge by stone pathways. Covered in canvas and felt with a central oculus for stargazing, these comfortable dwellings are a luxurious take on the traditional herdsmen’s home. Hand-painted king-sized beds, local textiles and a private bathroom make these cozy abodes a private sanctuary in the wilds of the Gobi. Heated by a wood-burning stove for the chilly desert nights and equipped with Mongolian felt slippers, bathrobes and bathroom amenities hand crafted from camel milk using traditional techniques.

At the heart of the lodge lies Dino House, a traditional wooden building clad in clay tiles and designed to mimic a Mongolian temple. With wide verandas and incredible desert views, Dino House is the perfect place to relax in the heat of the day, perhaps trying your hand at traditional Mongolian games or borrowing a book from the small library. Serving a variety of Mongolian and western cuisine, the Bulagtai Restaurant is housed inside an over-sized ger, bedecked in traditional textiles and splashes of color. Expect delicious organic meat and dairy products from local herdsmen, pasteurised on site, with fresh fruits and vegetables harvested from farms in nearby Bulgan. Visit the well-stocked bar for a nightcap before retiring to the warmth of your ger.

The Massage Ger is located at the heart of the camp and is the perfect antidote to a long day in the desert. Combining traditional Mongolian techniques with Swedish aromatherapy massage and using locally sourced herbs renowned for their medicinal properties, a treatment here is the ultimate way to unwind amongst the sands of the Gobi.

Days at Three Camel Lodge are spent exploring the spectacular and deserted desert landscape in the company of expert private guides. Trek through the green Yol Valley in search of snow leopards, discover Bronze-age art and the incredible ‘fighting’ dinosaur skeletons, ride camels across the scorched landscape and hike the singing dunes of Hongoryn Els. In closer proximity to the lodge, you can experience music and dance performances from local tribespeople and enjoy informative lectures and films in the lodge’s small screening room.

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Get a drink from the Dino Bar and take a short stroll up the hill behind the lodge for sunset - the views are breathtaking.

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The Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge is located in the South Gobi province, bordering northern China, amongst some of the most arresting desert scenery to be found anywhere on earth. The lodge is reached by 4x4, on a 90-minute off-road adventure from Dalanzadgad Airport.

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