Festivals by Destination

Once you have decided on a vacation destination, it's time to start planning exactly what to do whilst you're there. In all four corners of the globe, a fantastic line up of festivals awaits and we've put together a few of our favorites. From foodie festivals and cultural celebrations in Latin America and music concerts in Africa, to hotly contested sporting competitions in Europe, the religious and spiritual celebrations of both the Far East and the Indian subcontinent; festival fever has taken the world by storm.

Festivals by Destination

Latin America

Tapati festival in Easter Island, Chile
Tapati, Easter Island - February

A tradition harking back to the 1970s, Tapati was founded as a way of promoting and protecting the identity of the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island. The festival features a line up of dancing and singing competitions alongside traditional sporting events such as swimming, canoeing and horse racing. Literally meaning Rapa Nui week, it is the most important cultural festival on Easter Island and draws visitors from far and wide. Throughout the celebrations, the island is divided in two, and peaceful competition and confrontation ensues between the two halves - the perfect platform for islanders to showcase their physical and artistic skills.

Samba, Rio de Janiero
Carnival, Brazil - February

Carnival is celebrated across Brazil, but head to Rio if you want to soak up Brazil's carnival spirit at the biggest street party in the world. Rio Carnival is an all singing, all dancing five day extravaganza in which samba is the star of the show. Taking place before the beginning of Lent, it is the ultimate blowout before the countdown to Easter begins. Throughout the carnival, the streets are filled with the sounds and sights of Brazil's vibrant culture, a true testament to its incredible history, fascinating people and contagious party spirit.

Grape fesitval in Mendoza, Argentina
Mendoza Grape Festival, Argentina - March

The origins of the Grape Harvest Festival date back as far as 1936, and it has now affirmed itself as a firm feature on the Argentine calendar. Considered one of the most popular festivals in the country, the gathering of winemakers and wine lovers alike makes for a truly unforgettable occasion. Whilst ultimately, the festival is focused around the many wine growers of the region, you can expect a catalogue of events incorporating traditional song and dance alongside the hotly anticipated beauty pageant to crown the Queen of Vendimia. Mendoza's annual festival is a fantastic display of revelry, all in the name of Malbec.

Cinco de Mayo, Mexico - May

Often confused with Mexico's Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated each year on 05 May to commemorate the victory of the Mexican army over French forces despite being greatly outnumbered in the Battle of Puebla in 1862 during the Franco-Mexican War. It has become a big celebration of Mexican culture in the United States but in Mexico Cinco de Mayo is mainly celebrated in the state of Puebla where the battle took place. In Puebla city, the battle of Puebla is reenacted on the original site and there is a massive parade along Boulevard Cinco de Mayo with colorful costumes and Mariachi bands. Expect tacos, dancing and fireworks!

Inti Raymi, Peru - June

A religious ceremony to honour Inti, the Inca sun god, Inti Raymi means "festival of the sun" in the main Inca language, Quechuan. The festival takes place on 24 June in celebration of the winter solstice and also marks the beginning of the Inca New Year. The solstice is actually on 21 June in the southern hemisphere but the Incas believed that the sun doesn't start to rise in the sky again until the 24th. The festival is celebrated across the Andes but centers in Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire. The Spanish conquistadors banned Inti Raymi ceremony in 1535, but since 1944 there has been a historical re-enactment of the traditional Inca ceremony at the ancient citadel of Saksaywaman. Street performances also take place with folk dances, marching bands and colorful costumes abound.

Tango on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Festival de Tango, Argentina - August

Born out of the secret world of Buenos Aires, the Festival de Tango is a showcase of the passion of the Argentine people for their famed dance. Running for almost three weeks throughout August, the 'world's biggest tango extravaganza' offers everything from tango shows and recitals to the much anticipated Tango World Championships.

Day of the Dead, Mexico - November

The Day of the Dead, or Día de Muertos in Spanish, is a vacation for friends and family who have died. On the face of it, you might think it's a somber occasion but it's actually a very colorful affair with traditional costumes and skeletal makeup. The belief is that the spirits of the dead return for one day to be with their families. Before colonisation by the Spanish, it was celebrated in the summer but now coincides with the Christian Allhallowtide observance of Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. Offerings (ofrenda) of food, flowers (particularly Mexican marigolds), colorful sugar skulls and candles are laid out. Flowers to represent the transience of life and the candle light to guide the dead on their way back. Celebrations take place across Mexico, although this is more recent in northern Mexico, but Mexico City, Oaxaca and Pátzcuaro are particularly well known for their festivities. There are markets, music and parties in cemeteries.

Polo on the Argentinian Pampas
Open Polo Championships, Argentina - November or December

Considered the home of polo, Argentina proudly hosts one of the oldest polo competitions in the world. Marking the end of the international polo season, the Open Polo Championships attracts competitors from across the globe to contest for the title. It is impossible not to be captivated by the incredible skill, sportsmanship and passion which captures the nation throughout the tournament.


Zanzibar arts and crafts
Sauti Za Basara, Zanzibar - February

Since its beginnings in 2003, the Sauti za Busara festival has sought to bring together the diverse artists and audiences of eastern Africa, giving the music of the region an international platform. Hosted inside the ancient walls of Zanzibar's Stone Town, the five day event showcases the incredible music and culture of Africa, with over 400 artists performing across the festival. Expect an exuberant mix of styles and genres, ranging from the traditional to the modern, all celebrating the incredible talent of the island and further afield.

Wine tasting in Stellenbosch
Stellenbosch Wine Festival, South Africa - February

South Africa is world renowned for its wine and the Stellenbosch Wine Festival, held each February, is a real treat for the taste buds. Celebrating the region's top restaurants whilst showcasing the 148 wineries which make up the Stellenbosch Wine Route, this festival is a must-do for foodies and wine lovers alike. There, you will find award winning producers, small boutique wineries and everything in between, all under one roof.

Cape Town Jazz Festival, South Africa
Cape Town Jazz Festival, South Africa - March or April

Taking place every year on the last weekend of March or first weekend of April, the Cape Town International Jazz Festival is the largest music event in sub-Saharan Africa. Famed for its line up of both local and international artists, the festival is a celebration of jazz which is unprecedented elsewhere. It's no wonder then that it has been coined Africa's Grandest Gathering, celebrating the rich musical heritage of the country.

Lobsters in Lambert's Bay, South Africa
Lamberts Bay Crayfish Festival, South Africa - April or May

Each year, Lambert's Bay in South Africa hosts the Crayfish and Culture festival, a celebration of the country's cuisine and culture. Browse an array of carefully selected stalls, stands and shops which boast the very best of the region's cuisine, crafts and handmade clothing to find the perfect souvenir from South Africa. Feast on fresh crayfish whilst enjoying performances from some of South Africa's favorite musicians.

Zimbabwean crafts
Harare International Festival of the Arts, Zimbabwe - April or May

Local and international artists perform at this annual Harare International Festival of the Arts. The five principal disciplines celebrated are theater, music, dance, fine art and poetry. Overcoming difficult sociopolitical and economic conditions, the festival is now the biggest cultural event in Zimbabwe and has become an integral and important part of Zimbabwe's cultural calendar. Throughout the course of a week, the program of workshops embrace the very best of the Zimbabwean arts sector, via the means of theater, dance, music, circus, street performance, fashion, spoken words and visual arts.

Morocco Rose Festival
Rose Festival, Morocco - May

Six hours south east of Marrakech, the Valley of Roses is as lush and fragrant as it sounds. The Morocco Rose Festival is held in El Kelaa M'Gnouna, a town brimming with people and excitement where roses are garlands, decorations and appearing in every form, from soaps and gels to creams and oils. Revelling in the beauty of the flower, the Moroccan Festival of Roses, is set in the heart of the Moroccan rose industry and is the perfect place to find an exquisitely prepared bottle of rose oil in the country's largest distillery.

Oysters in South Africa
Knysna Oyster Festival, South Africa - June or July

With over a 100 activities taking place across 10 days, the annual Knysna Oyster Festival is a date for the diary for foodies, fitness gurus and families alike. Experience some of the very best of South Africa's scenery, tuck into its delicious cuisine and soak up its vibrant culture whilst indulging in all things seafood. With comedy events, fashion shows and theater on the agenda, there is something for young and old to get involved with and the perfect stop off along the Garden Route.

Bastille festival in Franschhoek, South Africa
Franschhoek Bastille Festival, South Africa - July

Celebrations for Bastille Day stretch far and wide outside of France itself. In South Africa's Franschhoek, you will find a vibrant foodie celebration which embraces the joie de vivre of French National Day. Food, wine and French fever are all hailed in equal measure and merrymakers are draped in tricolor to ring in the celebrations. Against the backdrop of the Huguenot Monument, the food and wine marquee offers produce from some of the well known wineries of the region, including artisan food stalls which serve up authentic South African cuisine such as biltong. The entire village throngs with activity, from street artists to musicians and friendly games of boules; the perfect spot for a taste of la belle vie.

Hermanus Whale Festival, South Africa
Hermanus Whale Festival, South Africa - September or October

The Hermanus Whale Festival coincides with the annual migration of Southern Right whales, when the mammals come so close to shore that you can spot them from the coastline. Considered the best on-land whale watching destination on earth, there is no better place to celebrate the marine life of South Africa. The festival aims to promote awareness for the conservation of whales and whilst sea life is the star of the show, the town bursts with sports events, musical performances and kids entertainment over the course of the three days. This is the ultimate family friendly attraction to squeeze into your South Africa itinerary.

cape town international kite festival
International Kite Festival, Cape Town - October

The International Kite Festival in Cape Town is a fantastic family friendly event in South Africa. Whether it's getting stuck in with a kite making workshop, tucking into some of the delicious food on offer, picking up a souvenir at one of the many crafts stalls or flying your very own kite, there is something for everyone. Over the course of the weekend, the skies fill with kites and many locals come out to celebrate this unique occasion.


Tromso, Norway
Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway - January

The Tromsø International Film Festival is hosted during the dark polar nights so atmospheric film screenings benefit from the darkness of the Norwegian skies. This is the place where Norwegian and international film meet to celebrate the latest offerings of local and global film production. Films are screened in a variety of locations across the city of Tromsø, giving you plenty of choice to decide on a film that's for you.

Venice Carnival
Venice Carnival, Italy - February

The world famous Venice Carnival with its iconic Venetian masks takes place each year in the 10 days leading up to Shrove Tuesday (in fact the word carnival comes from the Latin "carnes" and "levare" so literally means "put away meat"). It dates back to the Middle Ages but fell into decline in the 18th century and was revived in 1979. Don a mask and a period costume to truly become part of this spectacle like no other. Venice Carnival opens with the Flight on the Angel (Volo dell’Angelo) when a young woman descends through the air from the San Marco bell tower into St Mark's Square. There are outdoor events including a water parade (you can even take part in a costume contest) as well as more exclusive festivities like the extravagant masquerade balls, gala, cruises and cocktail parties. Try a fritelle (Venetian donut), a traditional carnival sweet treat.

Restaurant overlooking the port in Reikjavik, Iceland
Food and Fun Festival, Iceland - March

Offering a line up of critically acclaimed chefs and Reykjavik's finest restaurants, the Food and Fun festival is a well renowned celebration of Icelandic cuisine. By combining the techniques of culinary powerhouses from across the globe with local restaurants and regionally sourced ingredients, Food and Fun festival really embraces the community spirit of the Icelandic capital and its brimming gastronomic talent.

St Patrick's Day, Ireland - March

St Patrick's Day, sometimes known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is on the 17 March, commemorating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. St Patrick's Day has become a celebration of Irish culture and heritage and generally all things Irish. The day is marked with lively involve parades, marching bands and cèilidhs (a traditional Gaelic partner dance to folk music). Wearing of green attire or shamrocks is extremely popular. Legend has it that Saint Patrick explained the Holy Trinity to the Irish pagans using the three leaved shamrock (clover). St Patrick's Day is celebrated not only across the island of Ireland but also those of Irish descent around the world.

Shakespeare's Celebrations, UK
Shakespeare's Birthday Celebrations, England - April

The life and works of Shakespeare is etched into the very walls of Stratford upon Avon, confirming it as the beating heart for literature in the UK. The annual Shakespeare's Celebrations, held on the Bard's birthday, are an extravaganza of all things Shakespeare dating back nearly 200 years. Local and international performers gather to celebrate the life and legacy of Shakespeare in the form of plays, performances and workshops, a befitting exhibition of English culture.

Chelsea Flower Show, London
Chelsea Flower Show, London - May

The Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show is the hottest ticket in the horticultural calendar. The show was originally called the Great Spring Show and began its life in 1862 in Kensington, first moving to Chelsea in 1913. This glamorous affair takes place in the last week of May. The grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital are transformed into a showcase for innovative garden designs and impressive floral displays, and garden-themed boutiques if you're in the market for a souvenir or two. Members of the Royal family and a whole host of celebrities attend an exclusive preview of the Chelsea Flower Show. Judges award medals to the top gardens in each category, with the most coveted being Best Show Garden.

Bergen theatre
Bergen International Festival, Norway - May or June

The Bergen International Festival offers an extensive line up of the arts in all their guises. From cutting edge production, to premieres covering the spheres of music, opera, theater and dance, the festival is renowned for its diverse offering and sits at the forefront of the industry. Each year, some 250 events are staged over the course of 15 days in around 20 venues around the city and whilst classical music and theater are cornerstones of the festival, there is something for all tastes to enjoy.

Arts Festival, Reykjavik
Reykjavik Art Festival, Iceland - May or June

Hosted biennially, the Reykjavik Art Festival is a celebration of the arts with a focus on the creative industries from all over the globe. The vast network of national and international artists who arrive here is reminiscent of Iceland's diversity and the festival serves to celebrate the artists at the forefront of the industry. The festival is one of the oldest and most respected arts festivals amongst the Nordic countries.

Scottish dancing at Highland Games
Highland Games, Scotland - Summer

Marvel as Scotsmen toss the caber, or get involved with a fiercely competitive tug o' war, witness traditional dance renditions and watch track and field events, at a Highland Games in Scotland. Taking place throughout the summer, from May to September, the festivities can be easily combined into a Scotland itinerary. The Games are a celebration of Scottish traditions, so keep your ears to the ground for the blow of bagpipes and eyes peeled for patchwork of tartan kilts.

Iceland flag
Icelandic National Day - June

Taking place in Reykjavik, the Icelandic National Day is both the birthday of Iceland's independence movement and also marks the date of when the republic of Iceland was established. Celebrations take place throughout the day, beginning with the simultaneous chiming of all of the church bells in Reykjavik and continuing with family friendly entertainment, street theater and concerts.

Midnight sun in Iceland
Secret Solstice, Iceland - June

Also named the Midnight Sun Music Festival, Secret Solstice is Iceland's most famous music festival, offering a glittering array of international DJs and artists on the summer festival circuit. The stunning backdrop of the festival makes it stand out from the pack confirming it as a truly unique festival to tick off the bucket list. Spanning a range of genres from folk to indie, to hip hop and urban, not forgetting dance music, this festival has something for everyone to party where the sun simply doesn't set. Whilst also one of the newest festivals on the block, it has quickly established itself with a line up of real headliners. Secret Solstice offers revellers the added bonus of partying inside a glacier for the ultimate festival experience under a never setting sun.

Lobster soup in Iceland
Hofn Lobster Festival, Iceland - June

Known as the lobster capital of Iceland, Höfn Lobster Festival offers visitors a real taste of this local delicacy. It is a great chance to immerse yourself in the local culture of South East Iceland too, getting to grips with the customs of this little known part of the world. For seafood fans, there is perhaps no better place to sample the delicious cuisine than on the harbor, a promenade which constantly bustles in a nod to the booming fishing industry there.

Trooping the colour parade, UK
Trooping the Color, UK - June

Trooping the Color is a ceremonial event in London which is steeped in British tradition, much loved by the nation and further afield. It is an impressive display of pageantry which marks the monarch's birthday when around 1400 officers march in unison up the Mall and towards Buckingham Palace. Upon inspecting the troops, the monarch is greeted with a royal salute and often a spectacular air show.

Trays of pizza in Italy
Pizza Village Naples, Italy - June

All hail pizza! The Pizza Village in Naples comes around once a year in homage to the city's most famous dish, the beloved pizza. Pizza professionals descend from across Italy and further afield to compete, contribute to seminars and of course, to create the greatest pizzas on the planet. The festival shot to fame for creating the world's largest pizza and it continues to go from strength to strength, enticing visitors to its shores for lip smackingly good pizza year in, year out.

Verona Opera at night, Italy
Verona Opera, Italy - June to September

Throughout the summer, expect a calendar of showstopper performances taking place inside the ancient amphitheater of Verona Opera House. Alongside the timeless classics of Carmen and Aida, the line up also includes an array of lesser known productions. The iconic setting of the opera confirms it as one of the most prestigious arts festivals in Italy, and the incredible production of each performance ensures a spectacle you will never forget. Sit back, relax and enjoy al fresco theater at its finest.

Champagne and strawberries at Wimbledon
Wimbledon, England - July

For many, Wimbledon is the sporting event of the summer season and a really rather British affair. The tennis tournament welcomes the biggest names of the sporting world, both as players and spectators and whilst sought after tickets are hard to come by, watching a tightly contested match is a truly thrilling experience. With a staggering 320,000 glasses of Pimms served throughout the tournament, and copious amounts of strawberries and cream you can be guaranteed a quintessentially English day out.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Croatia - July or August

Founded in 1950, Dubrovnik Summer Festival is a mostly open air festival of music, dance, theater and film held over 6 weeks in the extraordinary setting of medieval Dubrovnik Old Town and Lokrum Island. The opening ceremony takes place in front of the baroque Church of St Blaise and ends with some spectacular fireworks. As something of an institution in the city, the festival welcomes international and local performers, guaranteeing an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Throughout the course of the festival, you can expect an extensive line up, hosted at open air locations dotted across the old town. The ultimate outdoor cinema experience.

Crowds at Palio di Siena, Italy
Palio di Siena, Italy - July or August

Perhaps Italy's greatest sporting occasion, the Palio di Siena is an occasion steeped in pageantry and social identity. This fantastic display of Italian heritage allows you to step back in time, as it has preserved the same traditional revelry as half a century ago. Having taken place in the Pizza del Campo in the heart of Siena since 1644, this is a contest at the heart of Siena. Two thirds of the city's population come out to watch the palio take place and watch the contrada race each other for a mere 75 seconds.

Vence, South of France
Les Nuits du Sud, France - July

Celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2017, the Nuits du Sud festival celebrates music from the whole gamut of genres, welcoming international artists as well as promoting up and coming local talent. Each year, Vence, located on the Cote d'Azur, comes alive with open air music venues which host myriad of concerts over the course of eleven days.

Church in Mallorca
Mare de Deu del Carme, Mallorca - July

Carmen is known as the protectorate of the city's fishermen and seafarers, and a festival in her honour is celebrated on the 16th July. The festivities take place in all of the local coastal towns and villages but some of the best celebrations are held in Port de Pollenca. Priests come to bless the fishing boats with pictures of the Virgin Carmen, locals decorate the boats with flowers and lanterns and garlands are thrown into the water to commemorate those who lost their lives at sea.

Edinburgh Festival, Scotland - August

The Edinburgh Festival would be more accurately described as the Edinburgh Festivals. The Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo are the most famous. The International Festival comprises world class music, theater, dance and opera performances. The Tattoo is a spectacle that takes place in Edinburgh Castle with musicians, dancers and military pageantry. The highlight is the pipes and drums and if you attend the second performance on Saturday includes fireworks. The Fringe began in 1947 as an act of defiance by performers who were denied from taking part in the Edinburgh International Festival and decided to perform anyway on the fringes - it's now larger than Edinburgh International Festival.

Backstreets of Pollenca, Mallorca
Pollenca la Patrona Festival, Mallorca - August

La Patrona Festival, held in the north of Mallorca, is a jubilant occasion which is celebrated on the day dedicated to the Mare de Deu dels Angels on August 2nd. The highlight of the fiesta is the reenactment of the battle between Moorish pirates and Christians and a spectacular fireworks display over the town follows. The mock battle is best watched from balconies overlooking the streets as the squash of Pollenca's townsfolk replay this historical event. Throughout the town there are a host of concerts, exhibitions and parties taking place over the course of the festival, all continuing until the early hours.

Grasse Jasmine Festival, France
Grasse Jasmine Festival, France - August

The annual Fête du Jasmin takes place in Grasse and pays homage to the flower for which the town is renowned. Tucked away in the hills of Provence, the annual celebration marks the beginning of the jasmine harvest, featuring fireworks, traditional dancing and costumes and a parade. During the weekend of festivities, jasmine petals float through the air like confetti and festival goers are doused in jasmine water. Stay awhile to witness the crowning of Miss Jasmine and soak up the celebrations at the heartland of the Provencal perfume industry.

Grapes after harvest, Med
Festa des Vermar, Mallorca - September

La Festa des Vermar takes place in Binissalem, on the island of Mallorca. Alongside grape crushing and wine tasting competitions, expect heritage parades featuring historical themed floats and the pièce de résistance, an enormous grape battle. Mid-festival, revellers take to the streets to throw grapes at one another, soaking everything in sight with grape juice. A truly unique tradition which isn't found anywhere else in the world.

Galway Oyster festival
Galway Oyster Festival, Republic of Ireland - September

As the oldest oyster festival in the world, the Galway International Oyster Festival has long been recognised as a stalwart of the festival calendar in Ireland. With the World Oyster Opening Championships taking place during the festival, punters can be guaranteed a fantastic line up of traditional entertainment, street parades, seafood trails, all washed down with a glass of Irish stout.

Finnish dish of herring
Baltic Herring Festival, Finland - October

The Baltic Herring Festival is the oldest traditional event in Helsinki, having been held in the city for over 275 years. The fishermen bring ashore their haul from the Baltic Sea, bringing with them the Finnish delicacy salted herring (and the array of marinades which come with it). Alongside picking up a taster, there is a range of locally made handicrafts and artisan wares on offer to browse too. Coined the ultimate Nordic food festival, the festival is quite unique as visitors have the opportunity to buy directly from the moored boats of fisherman. Our top tip is to pick up a loaf of saaristoleipä, a delicious bread native to the archipelago.

Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations
Hogmanay, Scotland - December

Hogmanay is the Scottish celebration which marks the last day of the calendar year. With a host of events taking place throughout the Edinburgh, from ceilidh in the castle, to concerts and processions in the streets, there is plenty to entertain both young and old. Witness a spectacular display of fireworks at midnight or a procession or a torch lit parade through the streets. The brave can take part in the loony dook, a refreshing dip in the River Forth on the first of January, the perfect cure for any sore heads! Grab a friend or a loved one, neighbor for a soul stirring rendition of Auld Lang Syne.


Pasola Festival in Sumba, Indonesia
Pasola, Sumba - February or March

The centuries old harvest festival of Pasola is a ritualised jousting war between the villages of western Sumba. Each year, there is a mock battle to appease the Marapu gods and guarantee a good harvest. The night before the battle, locals gather to prepare offerings for their ancestors as festival fever begins to descend on the island. During the war, skilled horsemen hurl wooden poles at one another in a fast and furious event that is not for the faint hearted!

Thailand Songkran festival
Songkran, Thailand - April

Across Thailand, Songkran celebrations take place for as long as a week. The Thai New Year is a Buddhist festival and perhaps the most important public vacation in the country. The date marks the end of the dry season and the beginning of the annual rains, with this in mind, it is de rigeur for revellers to throw water at one another. This is arguably the highlight of the festival and the only option for visitors it to embrace it and get wet! Thais visit their local temples to pray and Buddha images across the nation are cleaned to bring luck and prosperity for the year to come.

Cherry Blossom festival, Japan
Cherry Blossom, Japan - Spring

Throughout spring, Japan's landscapes transform into hues of pink as its trees turn a shade of pink, blooming with the colors of new life. During this time it is de rigeur to head out to local parks and gardens and join locals for a hanami or flower viewing celebration. Blossom themed events take place up and down the country and the shelves of supermarkets are stacked with sakura (cherry blossom) flavored food and drink.

Waisak, Indonesia - May

Waisak is the celebration of Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death and is the holiest day in the Buddhist calendar. It is celebrated across the Buddhist world, although on different days and under different names. In Indoneseia, Waisak is observed during the full moon in May and celebrations center on the UNESCO World Heritage Borobudur temple in Java, built in the 9th century during the Hindu-Buddhist empires and the largest Buddhist structure on earth (Java is now a predominantly Muslim island). It is a colorful affair with processions carrying holy water and candles. Buddhist monks in their saffron robes circle the temple in a ritual called Pradaksina, then puja lanterns are released into the night sky as a symbol of light and enlightenment.

Singapore arts museum
Singapore International Festival of the Arts - June to September

Beginning in 1977, the annual Singapore International Festival of the Arts or SIFA is a national performing arts festival. Experience a smorgasbord of performances with influences from across the globe in the form of theater, dance and music. Singapore's thriving creative scene is showcased here and taking part in the event is particularly captivating for art lovers and theater buffs alike.

Touted as the highlight of Singapore's cultural calendar, catering to discerning arts fans and acclaimed for its offering of avant-garde performances.

Bali Arts Festival, Indonesia - June & July

The Bali Arts Festival is a month long cultural festival that takes place in the Balinese capital, Denpasar. The festival opens with a parade at the Bajra Sandhi monument and the Taman Werdhi Budaya Arts Center is the hub of the celebrations. There are performances by adults and children of myriad traditional dance and music, including legong, Ramayana and Mahabharata ballets, mask dances and gamelan recitals, as well as wayang shadow puppetry and film screenings. You will also find art exhibitions, local handicrafts and the culinary bazaars are a great opportunity to sample Balinese dishes.

Singapore Grand Prix
Singapore Grand Prix - September

The Singapore Grand Prix is a stalwart of the Formula One circuit, and is a prestigious celebration of the world's greatest motorsport. As the first event on the Grand Prix calendar to be held at night, the electric atmosphere of the hotly contested competition makes for an unforgettable evening. The spectacular backdrop of the route, the iconic Singapore skyline, confirms its place as an unmissable feature of the sporting calendar.

Loy Krathong festival, Thailand
Loy Krathong, Thailand - November

Krathong is arguably one of the most picturesque festivals in Thailand. Festival goers gather around lakes, rivers and canals in the name of the goddess of water to release lotus shaped rafts, or krathongs, into the water. Falling on the last night of the twelfth lunar month, the festival is a celebration of the harvest season and plentiful rainfall, and good luck is bestowed upon those whose krathongs drift out of sight. In Chiang Mai, people let off lanterns into the moonlit sky, lighting up the darkness with a warm glow.

That Luang Festival, Laos - November

Pha That Luang, meaning the Great Stupa, in the Laotian capital Vientiane is a shrine to a relic of Buddha believed to be his breastbone. This important stupa has come to be the national symbol of Laos. A 3 day religious festival is held at full moon in November and many Buddhists travel from neighboring countries for the occasion. There is a "wax castle" procession led by monks from Wat Si Muang in the city center to That Luang that circulates That Luang three times in honour of Buddha and to boost karma for rebirth into a better life. Laypeople carry incense and candles as offerings. There is a firework display that symbolises an offering of flowers of light to Buddha and folk, popular music and drama performances.

Indian subcontinent

Sri Lanka arts and crafts
Galle Literary Festival, Sri Lanka - January

Set in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Galle, the Fairway Galle Literary Festival has become one of the most anticipated literary events in the Indian subcontinent for authors and literary enthusiasts across the world. Celebrating the work of international and Sri Lankan authors, the festival is a totally immersive experience which offers workshops, debates, discussions and recitals by day, and musical performances and wine tastings by night.

Jaipur Literature Festival, India
Jaipur Literature Festival, India - January

Jaipur Literature Festival has been described as the greatest literary show on Earth and annually attracts an impressive line up of great minds. Everyone from historians and politicians to sports people and entertainers arrive in the Pink City for this spectacular event to hear from some of the best loved and respected names in the industry, including Nobel Laureates and winners of the Man Booker Prize. It is the perfect place to learn from prominent literary figures in the incredible surroundings of the Jaipur countryside.

Holi, India - March

Holi, dubbed the festival of colors, is a Hindu spring festival celebrated across India to welcome the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil. The festival spans a night and a day, starting on the evening of Full Moon day with religious rituals performed around a bonfire. The next day is Rangwali Holi and colored powders called gulal are thrown in the air and at friends and strangers. The different colors are symbolic, with red representing love and fertility, blue representing Krishna and green representing spring and new beginnings.

Musician playing traditional instrument in Rajasthan
Rajasthan International Folk Festival, India - October

Held within the walls of the spectacular Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, the Rajasthan International Folk Festival is an annual event, timed to coincide with Sharad Purnima, when the brightest full moon of the year shines over the region. Recognised by UNESCO as a platform for creativity and sustainable development, RIFF is a jubilant celebration which involves the whole community. Here, you can witness traditional dance and musical performances, enjoy a spot of meditation or simply soak up the atmosphere at a festival which is at the beating heart of the state.

Crane dance in Bhutan
Black Necked Crane Festival, Bhutan - November

The annual Black Necked Crane Festival takes place each November, in the Phobjikha valley of Bhutan, a protected area for the Black-necked cranes. The occasion marks the arrival of the endangered and majestic bird which is so intrinsic to the daily lives of the local people during the winter months whilst also serving to generate awareness about the conservation of the rare species. Large numbers of locals gather for the occasion, and children wearing crane costumes perform choreographed routines in front of the Gangteng Monastery giving it a truly authentic feel. Encompassed by the majestic Himalayas, this is the perfect opportunity to really immerse yourself in Bhutan's fascinating culture.

Hornbill festival in Nagaland, India
Hornbill Festival, India - December

Named after the great Indian hornbill, a symbolic bird in Naga folklore, the Hornbill Festival is an annual celebration in India's Nagaland. Uniting all the major tribes in the region, the festival is a celebration of traditional arts. Taking place in the first week of December, the festival is vibrant, colorful and intoxicating giving visitors the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the people and places of Nagaland.

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