Hyatt Regency Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

At a Glance

  • Excellent location in the cultural hotspot of Southern Higashiyama

  • Beautiful kimono fabric used for the headboards

  • Three delicious restaurants serving Japanese, Italian and Western cuisine

  • Seasonal menus with vegetables picked from an organic farm outside of town

  • Situated next to the Sanjusangen Temple

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Best time to Visit

Good time to visit

Average time to visit

The best and most popular times to visit Kyoto are the climatically stable seasons of spring (March to May) and autumn (late September to November). The highlight of spring is the cherry-blossom season, which usually arrives in Kyoto in early April. Bear in mind, though, that the blossoms are notoriously fickle, blooming any time from late March to mid-April. Fall is an equally good time to travel, with pleasant temperatures and soothing autumn colors, which usually peak between late October and mid-November. Be warned that Kyoto is crowded with domestic and international tourists during the cherry-blossom and autumn-foliage seasons.

Of course, you can visit Kyoto at any time of year, although the summer, from June to August, can be very hot and humid, and winter can be a little chilly for some people’s taste.

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Insider's View

The staff are really friendly and will assist with local restaurant bookings, as there is a huge selection

Wander down to the basement level to check out the cool sake bar, Touzan.

The concierge here is excellent so ask for up to date advice on restaurants and other local secret gems.

Enjoy a glass of sake in the hotel's Touzan Bar before heading out to dinner at any one of the local sushi restaurants.

All rooms have original and beautiful kimono fabric for the headboards and this is a really nice touch.

Head to the spa for traditional Japanese acupuncture and a Shiatsu massage - an authentic Japanese treatment, a must whilst in Japan.

Make sure you request a room on the 5th floor with view over the Japanese garden - these are the most beautiful in the hotel!

Don't miss happy hour in Touzan Bar, drinks are half price from 5-7pm and you can sample some local Japanese white wine.

A local sushi restaurant I highly recommend, but you will need to book, is "Wasabi."

The hotel is lucky enough to feature a performance each evening by a Maiko. A Maiko is an apprentice Geisha and the 15 minute dance that is performed each evening is a really unique thing to see and usually not accessible to members of the public.

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Located close to the center of Kyoto, a pleasant walk from the famous Geisha Gion district and opposite the Kyoto National Museum, the luxury Hyatt Regency Kyoto is a great base from which to explore the cultural heart of Japan.

The Hyatt Regency is located in the 'Higashiyama Schichijo' area, a cultural and traditional district within the city and is a great location for immersing oneself in all that Kyoto has to offer. The Gion district is nearby and here Kyoto's shops and restaurants offer visitor's endless choices. The temples and museums Kyoto is so well known for are also within an easy walk of this luxury hotel.

The hotel's décor reflects the traditional aspects of this historical city with luxurious Japanese silks present in all the rooms and natural materials giving the hotel a relaxed and calming feel. However, all of the modern amenities you would expect from a stylish and luxurious hotel are still very much present.

There is a Riraku Spa with specialist Japanese treatments where you can relax and unwind after a day of sightseeing and shopping. There is also a fantastic Japanese restaurant with views over a stunning traditional Japanese garden and two other excellent restaurants - an Italian trattoria and a continental grill.

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The 189 rooms and suites at The Hyatt Regency Kyoto range from King Room to the Regency Suite and although they vary in size, view and layout, they all have TV, DVD and high speed internet access as standard as well as reflecting traditional Japanese design in their exquisite furnishings and fabrics.


Children are made welcome at The Hyatt Regency Kyoto and many of the room categories have sofa beds and interconnecting rooms are also available. The Regency Suite is a two-bedroom/two-bathroom suite for those seeking the ultimate in space and comfort when traveling as a family. The hotel is happy to arrange babysitting for your children on request.


The hotel's Riraku Spa is a real oasis offering a wide range of Eastern and Western treatments including shiatsu, acupuncture and aromatherapy. There is also an indoor swimming pool and fitness center with a full range of the latest exercise equipment.

The Hyatt Regency's three restaurants serve Italian, Japanese and Grilled meat and seafood and the Touzan bar has an extensive sake collection which just has to be sampled.


The Riraku Spa has much to offer the weary traveler but once revived, the museums and temples, many of which are within walking distance of the Hyatt Regency Kyoto are not to be missed. The Gion district nearby abounds with entertainment options, with Shijo Street and Nishiki Market within a short distance.



Julie Geyton (Staff)

The Hyatt Regency is located in the 'Higashiyama Schichijo' area, close to the center of Kyoto and a short walk from the Geisha Gion district and right opposite the incredible Kyoto National Museum. The Hyatt Regency is a combination of a modern property combined with interior designs inspired by historical Kyoto and with a spa and fitness center.  The concierge team have a great range of Experiences suitable for couples or families and can assist to make your stay in Kyoto amazing. Restaurants include a wonderful Japanese, Italian and all day dining option. 


Dominic Atterton (Staff)

The Hyatt Regency is an excellent hotel in a quiet area of Kyoto. Rooms are contemporary, light and spacious and I really enjoyed my stay here. I was particularly impressed by how buzzy the hotel felt in the evenings with the bar doing great cocktails and a full of like-minded travelers to strike up a conversation with. The breakfasts are also a highlight and if you can bag a table out on the terrace a really relaxing way to start the day. Kyoto is a must visit on any tour of Japan and the Hyatt Regency makes an ideal stop if youre looking to conserve funds for a Ryokan stay or a blowout stop in Tokyo.


Louise Brooks (Staff)

The Hyatt is bright and airy, with a contemporary style. It is one of the more affordable luxury hotels in Kyoto and it exceeded my expectations. The room design is simple but it has all the comforts you would need, as you are out sightseeing most of the day. There is a stylish, well stocked bar which is great for a pre-dinner drink, during happy hour. Overall, a wonderful stay.


Kirsty Cowie (Staff)

I really enjoyed staying at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto. Despite the fact that it is not as centrally located as it's local competitors it is still just a short distance from Gion, Kyoto's Geisha district. This luxury hotel promotes various activities to help you intergrate into its home in the Ancient capital. During your stay, I highly recommend grabbing a pre/post dinner glass of sake in their Touzan Bar.


Blanche Sherman (Staff)

Park Hyatt Regency is a fantastic choice for those looking to spend most of their time exploring Kyoto and enjoying some of the unique experiences on offer in the area. The hotel is designed in a light, contemporary Japanese style with some subtle hints of colorful silks among the light tones and wood. Despite the hotels welcoming and relaxed environment, the service is impressively efficient. The high number of interconnecting Guest Rooms also make it great for families.


Sarah Rowan (Staff)

This is a good option for a stay in the gorgeous Kyoto. The staff are friendly and helpful and it offers easy access to the center of the city to explore. The best room option is the Deluxe Balcony Room, which feels lovely and spacious, with a great size bathroom. From here I highly recommend taking a stroll to Gion, where you can enjoy some local sushi and ice-cream at the delicious Cacao Market.


Sophie Jones (Staff)

The Touzan restaurant was an absolutely incredible experience. Each dish was cooked and presented in front of us on the cooking bar over a charcoal pit where the temperatures can get up to 1,200 degrees! Some of the dishes served were sushi and sashimi while others were grilled by placing the charcoal directly on the fish and beef - it was so unique. Alongside the dishes we had Japanese wines and sake perfectly paired with the meal which were so delicious.


Evi-Elli La Valle (Staff)

The Hyatt Regency is a wonderful hotel where you immediately feel at home and I think it is the best Western hotel in Tokyo. Ken Yokoyama, the wonderful GM knows everything there is to know about Kyoto and can organize wonderful experiences whilst you are there. I was taken to Sakamoto, a tiny and traditional Japanese restaurant hidden away in Gion for the most exquisite Michelin-starred Japanese dinner. When are you in Kyoto, Ken could also arrange dinner with a geiko, meditation with English-speaking monks, a mountain hike with a professor from one of Kyoto's many universities or you could even visit a bamboo shop to get customized furniture made to ship home. All of these experiences and more would really add to any stay in Kyoto and you will definitely leave with a lot of happy memories...


Victoria Douglas (Staff)

The Hyatt is perfect if you are looking for a peaceful retreat at the end of a busy day exploring Kyoto. The quiet and elegant ambience is present throughout the hotel, so this is not a place for party types or those seeking the crazy buzz typically associated with Japan. Although not as central as other hotels, I really enjoyed the location as it was perfect for visiting the temples of the eastern side of Kyoto, and still only an enjoyable twenty-minute walk to the station and other main attractions.


  • A Day in Kyoto

    Today, explore the gorgeous 'Silver Pavilion' and stroll along the Philosopher's Walk. Visit the Heian Shrine before taking a tour of Nijo Castle. End the day with some free time to explore Nishijin Textile Center or the Teramachi.

  • Afternoon Tea with a Maiko

    Get a glimpse into the cloaked world of the geisha as you take part in a traditional tea ceremony with a fully trained geisha or maiko. This ancient art epitomizes the mystery and beguiling beauty of one of Japan’s most iconic traditions.

  • Ancient Nara Day Trip

    Make a trip to Nara and visit the Deer Park, Todaiji and Kasuga Grand Shrine. In the afternoon, wander in the old town of Naramachi, with its charming Edo period architecture. If time permits, explore the ancient Gangoji Temple.

  • Cooking Sun Afternoon lzakaya Class

    A three and a half hour cooking class in mid-town Kyoto learning the basics of lzakaya cooking. The class takes place in a beautiful small wooden townhouse, called a machiya.

  • Cooking Sun Morning Bento Class

    A three-hour cooking class in downtown Kyoto learning the art of preparing a traditional Japanese bento meal, including classics such as sushi, tempura and miso soup. The class takes place in a beautiful wooden townhouse, called a machiya.

  • Gion by Night

    Embark on a Gion district night walk either with the guide or on your own and if you are lucky, catch sight of the geishas' in beautiful kimonos as they go about on their evening activities.

  • Half Day Kyoto Exploration

    Visit Kiyomizu Temple and admire the outstanding architecture. Head to the 'pottery street' of Kyoto.

  • Japanese Home Cooking Class

    Get a taste for Japanese culture and cuisine as you’re welcomed into the home of an instructor and taught how to cook a handful of traditional dishes in a private class.

  • Kaiseki Dinner with Geishas

    Enjoy the height of sophistication in Japanese society, having a sublime Kaiseki dinner made up of many delicious courses, accompanied by entertainment from two Geishas whilst you enjoy your meal.

  • Maiko Performance and Traditional Dinner

    This evening, enjoy a traditional Japanese dinner and watch a performance by a Maiko, an apprentice of the Geisha.

  • Morning Cooking class in Kyoto

    While in downtown Kyoto, in a quaint little machiya, join in on a traditional Japanese cooking class.

  • Nara - The Ancient Capital

    Spend an afternoon exploring Nara, the ancient capital of Japan from 710 - 784, before the capital was moved to Heain-kyo (present day Kyoto), with its freely roaming herds of deer, ancient streets and spectacular temples.

  • Ninja Experience

    Engage in a 2 hours Ninja lesson to discover the ancient techniques of these mysterious underground warriors who contributed greatly to the Japan's Sengoku civil war.

  • Nishiki Market Tour with Sushi Making

    Experience the whole sushi creation process with this unique cooking experience, from an educational market excursion to mastering the art of sushi-making yourself.

  • Private Sushi Class with Nishiki Food Market

    Shop for ingredients at the historical Nishiki Market, while tasting different Japanese foods. Afterwards, head to the studio for a private cooking class, guided by experienced instructors, before enjoying your culinary creations for lunch.

  • Private Tour of Nara

    Today venture outside of Kyoto and explore the ancient city of Nara, the capital of Japan in the 8th century, with a plethora of historic sites to see.

  • Rural Arashiyama

    A guided day in Arashiyama district, located at the base of Kyoto's western mountains. Take a boat trip on the Hozugawa River before discovering Zen Buddhist temples and the famous bamboo grove, one of Japan's most iconic scenic areas.

  • Samurai Experience

    Suitable for both older families and couples, this guided Samurai Experience offers guests the chance to learn more about this ancient art. Learn the skills required to draw, sheathe and wield a katana, the traditional swords used by samurai.

  • Shopping in Kyoto

    Enjoy a shopping trip around Kyoto. Wander down the picturesque streets of Gian where you can visit local handicraft and pottery shops.

  • Taiko Drumming Lesson

    Enjoy a demonstration by pro master and a lesson in Taiko drumming in Tokyo. Taiko is broadly a range of large percussion instruments in Japan and its origins sit within Japanese folklore and communication method.

  • Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

    Take part in a traditional Tea Ceremony and gain an insight into this ancient art form and key part of Japanese culture.

  • The Art of Zen in Kyoto

    Spend a day discovering the traditional Japanese experiences of Zen meditation as you learn about the history of Zen before trying your hand at this spiritual form of meditation.

  • Tour of Sake Brewery and Tasting in Kanazawa

    Take a tour of one of Kanazawa's key industries, Sake brewing. Have the chance to watch the process from start to finish which uses the same unchanged techniques that have been utilized for centuries.

  • Tour of Western Kyoto

    Make your way to Western Kyoto and explore the beautiful bamboo forest in Arashiyama. Relax in a scenic train ride before taking a traditional raft down the Hozugawa River. Afterwards, continue the exploration of the iconic Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine.

Vacation Ideas

  • Japan in Spring - Cherry Blossom Season

    Tokyo, Kanazawa, Miyajima, Kyoto & Hakone

    from $14400 pp 12 nights

    • March and April is the perfect time to see the Cherry Blossoms, something Japan is well known for
    • Tokyo offers some beautiful and often overlooked parks, perfect for viewing the cherry blossom.
    • Miyajima is one of the crown jewels of Japan

Location & directions

Kyoto, Japan

Located in the traditional and historic area of Higashiyama Shichijo, in the heart of Kyoto, Japan. Located just a few minutes away from JR Kyoto Train Station.

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