Amanemu provides the ultimate luxury retreat in the heart of the Ise Shima National Park. Based on the ryokan tradition, Amanemu will offer its guests a unique sanctuary with stunning views over the Ago Bay.

Ise Peninsula, Japan
  • Amanemu perfectly encapsulates Japanese elegant simplicity in design and offers guests a peaceful retreat from the county’s more famous urban centers.

  • Located in Ise Shima National Park on the shores of Ago Bay, the retreat makes for a relaxing finish to an exciting adventure around Japan.

  • Taking inspiration from traditional ryokan rituals, guests can enjoy hot-spring bathing in the area’s mineral-rich waters.


  • Ago Bay is home to the Ama female freedivers who dive for shellfish. Guests can enjoy a unique encounter with the divers and sample some exquisite local seafood.

Set in spectacular scenery, Amanemu offers an authentic taste of Japan's rural beauty and traditional Japanese hospitality. Located at the tip of the Osaki Peninsula, Amanemu is surrounded by beautiful coastline and overlooks the 'Bay of Pearls', known as such due to its heritage as the first place in the world to have produced cultured pearls.

This luxurious resort beautifully reflects and compliments its surroundings, combining traditional Japanese ryokan design with contemporary elegance throughout its selection of stunning suites and private villas. All of the rooms will come with their own private onsen facilities and spacious terraces with calming views over Ago Bay.

The resort's restaurant provides the delicious and delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine and is heavily influenced by the area's gourmet heritage with Shima, once being the breadbasket for the ancient Imperial Court. Not only will taste buds be indulged here but Amanemu also boasts a fantastic Aman Spa with two expansive onsen bathing pavilions, a watsu pool and four treatment rooms.

Ise Shima National Park is not only famous for its stark beauty but for the natural hot springs, referred to locally as onsen, that flow through it. Amanemu takes full advantage of this and provides a completely holistic experience. This paired with the incredible Aman service and traditional Omotenashi (traditional Japanese hospitality) makes Amanemu a truly spectacular property.

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Take a day trip to experience the pearl farms near Amanemu, where you can learn how pearls are formed and even pluck your own pearl from an oyster to keep! Following your visit to the pearl farm, meet the women divers and learn about their way of life.

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Ise Peninsula, Japan

Located in the stunning surroundings of Ise Shima National Park in Honshu's Mie Prefecture, Amanemu enjoys spectacular rugged coastline views and benefits from its own natural hot spring.

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