After your hotel pickup and 1.5-hour drive to the sprawling Yaxhá National Park, you'll climb aboard a boat for a short ride on Lake Yaxhá to the unique ruins on the island of Topoxte. Topoxte, means "the seed of the Ramón tree," which served as a major dietary staple of the early Mayan people. This Postclassical site- believed to be the last inhabited Mayan site in Guatemala- contains temples and structures shrouded by the dense jungle. You'll then cruise back to the main park to explore the Mayan ceremonial site of Yaxhá, named for the Mayan term for "blue-green water." Yaxhá sits atop a hill overlooking two scenic lakes, making it postcard-perfect site. This jungle site contains more than 500 structures with many intriguing temples. Don't miss climbing the impressive Temple 216 in the East Acropolis, which towers above the park at 37 m/121 ft, for magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, nearby pyramids, and the lakes.

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