Best Time to Visit Colombia

Deciding when to visit Colombia is pretty straight forward really; it is a year-round destination but the best time to visit Colombia is from December to March. As it is a tropical country you can get rain at any time however, there tends to be two rainier seasons: from April to June and from September to October.

Nevertheless, the weather does vary depending on which places you visit in Colombia. Ask our Colombia specialists about the varying climates across different parts of the country. All of our tours of Colombia include at least two destinations and each has its own recommendation on the best time to go on that tour of Colombia. The Cloudforest in the Cartagena region allows for complete escape from everyday life. With limited phone or Wi-Fi signal, phenomenal views across the Sierra Nevada mountains, the coffee fields, the lush jungle and the sea you can truly immerse yourself in the present and let go of your stresses. There are two rainy seasons, which generally run from May to June and from September to November. The best time to visit is between December and March. It is worth noting that it can rain at any time of year due to the tropical climate. December to January is also the best season for birdwatching as many migratory species return to the forest.

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Climate guide for Colombia

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bogota & surrounds 57°F 0mm 58°F 0mm 59°F 0mm 59°F 0mm 58°F 0mm 58°F 6mm 58°F 0mm 57°F 0mm 58°F 0mm 57°F 0mm 58°F 0mm 58°F 0mm
Cartagena 81°F 0mm 81°F 0mm 81°F 0mm 84°F 0mm 83°F 0mm 84°F 0mm 84°F 0mm 85°F 0mm 84°F 0mm 83°F 0mm 83°F 0mm 83°F 0mm
Los Llanos 76°F 0mm 77°F 0mm 77°F 0mm 79°F 0mm 80°F 4mm 82°F 0mm 81°F 0mm 82°F 0mm 82°F 0mm 80°F 0mm 79°F 0mm 78°F 0mm
Medellin 67°F 0mm 68°F 0mm 68°F 0mm 67°F 0mm 67°F 6mm 69°F 0mm 68°F 0mm 69°F 0mm 68°F 0mm 66°F 1mm 67°F 5mm 67°F 34mm
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