Small Steps Project

We are proud to support a wonderful charity called Small Steps Project, an organization that helps children and their families who live on rubbish dumps in Cambodia, Laos, Nicaragua and Romania. We recently received these great images from a nursery project that we fund at Luc in Cambodia.  

The children in the photos below had never seen the sea before and their lives revolved around the rubbish dump they lived on. The nursery provides hygiene, education and food to younger children in facilities off the dump. The project collects children and their mothers from the dump six days a week and takes them to the center, providing fun activities and an escape from scavenging in rubbish-mounds.

Apart from donations they also do an incredible ‘Shoe Auction’, where you can get your hands on some famous people’s shoes, including heels from Kate Winslet and trainers from Serena Williams. This year, 109 celebrities donated a pair of shoes and raised a staggering £53,000 to support the thousands of children living on landfill in need of shoes.