Why head south for New Zealand’s winter months

New Zealand is the undisputed crowning jewel of the southern hemisphere. With beautiful scenery and a huge variety of activities to fill anyone’s bucket list, you’ll never be at a loss for things to do in nature’s ultimate playground. New Zealand expert, Anna, discovers this spectacular country out of season.

New Zealand’s high season, which falls in their summer months from November to March, draws discerning travelers from all over the world who come to explore and experience everything this amazing country has to offer. There is of course a reason why vacationmakers travel during these months; temperatures are higher, the sun is shining and for many, making the journey from the northern hemisphere, it’s a break from the harsh winters there.

However, I feel many are missing a trick by dismissing months that fall outside of this period as a time to travel to New Zealand. Being based in Singapore, I can say for sure there are many reasons to visit this wonderful country in its cooler months, which fall between April to September. Here are just a few of them:

1. It’s quiet 

During New Zealand’s winter season, you can avoid the queues, enjoy empty roads and escape from the world.

2. The already dramatic scenery is even more dramatic

All those beautiful, soaring, majestic mountains receive a magical coating of snow, meaning you’ll find yourself (like me) exclaiming ‘wow’ at every corner.

3. More bang for your buck

New Zealand’s winter is their low season, which means you’ll benefit from lower rates and more offers.

4. There’s skiing and snowboarding

While I wouldn’t go as far to say go to New Zealand just for the snow, they do have some great skiing and snowboarding on offer. You can also rent all your gear by the day, so if you feel like hitting the slopes it is easy to arrange or do it in style and book a heli-ski experience!

5. It’s not that cold

I’m not going to try and pull your leg by saying it’s 30 degrees every day, we know that isn’t true. However, it isn’t that cold, especially on the North Island where some days you can experience sunshine and temperatures sit at around 16°C.  For those based in hotter countries like myself, New Zealand’s winter offers a welcome break from the heat!