Canoe safaris in Africa

Explore parts of Africa otherwise inaccessible by road or rail on an unforgettable canoe safari. Rivers and waterways open up a whole new world, one where wild animals, including honking hippos and huge elephants, come to you as they're drawn to the water to drink. Trips extend over days or weeks, and because you glide downstream with the current you only need be moderately fit to take part. Rewarding and restorative, a canoe safari is the perfect way to escape the daily grind, unplug and reacquaint your self with a more natural pace of life where you rise and retire with the sun.

A journey along the majestic Zambezi River makes for a fabulous canoe safari. Dividing Zambia and Zimbabwe and intersecting Mana Pools National Park on one side, the lower Zambezi National Park to the other, the river is home to hippos, elephants and bird life galore, including rare African skimmers. Days are broken up with nature walks, and leisurely lunches and siestas beneath shady trees.

As a mobile safari, accommodation is simple but you aren't roughing it in any sense of the word. Your tent, complete with proper bed and commode, is set up prior to your arrival so that when you cruise into camp you're greeted with an iced drink, the welcome wafts of dinner cooking over the campfire, and not a care in the world. After a quick freshen up and a hearty meal, swap stories around the fire with your fellow paddlers until your head is heavy and you turn in listening to the sounds of the bush at night.

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