Explore York's Cathedral, one of the finest medieval buildings in Europe. It was built over 250 years, between 1220 and 1472.  With its medieval stained glass and stone masterpieces and foundations rooted in the nation's earliest history, York Minster’s vast spaces come alive with the sanctity and tradition of worship and heavenly music, but you can also find quiet corners revealing great treasures, unexpected stories and human inspiration. 

The Jorvick Viking Centre is a museum with life-like mannequins and life-size dioramas depicting Viking life in the city. 

York Castle Museum contains hundreds of years of York’s history in one place – Famous for its collections of costume, textiles, military and social history, York Castle Museum brings history back to life. Wander through the Victorian streets, venture into the prison cell of notorious highwayman Dick Turpin and discover what life was like on the front line in the First World War and on all the way to the Space Age and the swinging Sixties. 

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