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Luxury Yacht Charter Grenadines

This luxury yacht charter offers an excellent way to island hop around the Grenadines, making your way from St Lucia to Grenada with an itinerary that takes in some absolutely stunning sights and beaches as well as immersing in the local cultures.

St Vincent & The Grenadines
Luxury Yacht Charter Grenadines
  • A private, crewed luxury yacht ideal for both first-timers and seasoned sailors

  • Itineraries are completely tailor-made for each guest, travelling where and when you would like

  • Sleeping between six to ten passengers, these yachts are perfect for families or groups of friends

  • Discover the highlights of St Vincent and the Grenadines, from unspoilt white sand beaches to the best snorkelling spots

Cast aside any visions of cramped, overheated accommodation, as our boats are large, stable, air-conditioned catamarans. Complete with a professional crew, your every whim will be accommodated, and your on-board experts know all the best spots to do whatever takes your fancy. In short, our yachting holidays are fantastic for people who wouldn’t necessarily 'do' a yachting holiday.

St Vincent and the Grenadines covers a number of islands in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, some of which are not even inhabited. Your luxury catamaran, ranging from 48 to 58 feet / 14.75 to 17.5 metres is a sailing yacht with good performance, yet incredibly stable and equipped with everything you’d expect if you were staying in a small villa. Your start point will be in Soufriere in St Lucia where you will see the infamous peaks of the Pitons. From here, sit down with your skipper and host with a chart and a drink, and go over the details of your stay. Settle into your en-suite cabin and then enjoy a cocktail on the deck. The crews are experts at discretion and are equally happy spending time telling tall tales of the sea or quietly receding to their separate cabin if they sense you would like to spend some time alone – leaving you suitably topped up with a rum cocktail, of course! Sleeping accommodation is compact, not palatial, but you’ll find you spend the vast majority of your time on deck soaking up the sun, or in the airy saloon. Provisioning on board is taken care of by your crew, and all food and drink will be tailored to your preferences.

The heady mix of fresh air, huge amounts of space and waking up to a new sunrise each day, punctuated with a familiar Caribbean vibe on shore makes this one of our most intoxicating holiday experiences, and the only thing you will regret is getting off!

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