As an immense open-air gallery, the Côa Valley has more than a thousand rocks with prehistoric manifestations, identified in more than 80 different sites, predominantly Paleolithic engravings, executed about 25,000 years ago.  Between the northeast mountains of Portugal is this natural and artistic oasis, bathed in the waters of the Côa river. Delicate scenery contrasts with the numerous schist rocks where the famous rock art of the Côa Valley has been eternalized for ages. 

Starting at the village of Castelo Melhor, you’ll explore the beauty of the Côa Valley in a four-by-four. As you reach the sinuous Côa river, you’ll be welcomed to an open-air evening meal by the river. Afterwards, feeling reenergized, you’ll be accompanied by a Côa Park Foundation specialist to a visit to the Penascosa engravings, having the opportunity to get to know the technical aspects of this art and its discovery.

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