Eco Hotels in North America

From the organic vineyards of California to the wild tundra of Canada, all the hotels in this handpicked selection benefit from a unique setting, allowing you to get back to nature without forgoing any of those little extra luxuries we love to love on holiday.

Destination focus: California

California is considered to be one of the USA's most eco-friendly states, and with nearly 2000 certified organic farms and the most electric cars per capita in North America, it is making considerable headway towards leading the country to a greener future.

1 Hotel Central Park, New York

1 Hotels are inspired by nature and thoughtfully designed to have sustainability at their core. Aiming to bring the outside in, common areas feature living walls and reclaimed wooden furnishings, even room keys and hangers are made from recycled materials. No stone has been left unturned at 1 Hotel resorts to ensure the experience is as eco as possible, a reclaimed chalkboard takes the place of a notepad in guest rooms and showers are on a timer to remind guests about the benefits of saving water. So whether it’s a fresh fruit snack at the stand in the lobby or sipping on a paper based bottle, 1 Hotels keeps eco ahead of the curve.

Bardessono, California

‘Exceptional by nature’, Bardessono takes a mindful approach to promoting the good life. From its minimal impact design, to the cutting edge technologies which are integrated seamlessly into the fabric of the hotel, Bardessono is a testament to the fact that luxury can go hand in hand with the environment. Solar panels are hidden on the flat rooftops of the hotel, and occupancy sensors are installed to ensure as little wastage as possible. Everything from the heating and cooling to lighting, recycling and water usage benefits from the utilisation of advanced technologies to ensure minimum impact on the environment without compromising on design.

Hotel Terra, Jackson Hole

Hotel Terra is proudly eco-friendly. From the structure itself, made from recycled materials, to the state of the art technology throughout, the hotel keeps its preoccupation with the environment at the top of the agenda. With an energy system powered by the elements, fluorescent light bulbs throughout and incredibly well insulated rooms, Hotel Terra continues to preserve and protect the indoor and outdoor environment of Jackson Hole.

Siwash Lake Ranch, British Columbia

Taking care of the land is the guiding philosophy at Siwash and the priority is preserving the pristine piece of land the resort was built upon. Whilst earning its reputation as a luxury guest ranch, Siwash is now considered as a world class eco-resort too, having been given the highest possible rating for sustainability. From monitoring the water levels of Siwash Lake, maintaining vegetation and nesting boxes and taking care of species counts, much of which guests can get involved with, to using cutting edge environmental technology and running solely on solar energy, the ranch is well equipped with many aspects to promote environmental protection.

Wickanninish Inn, British Columbia

The Wickanninish was built with sustainability in mind. The owners wanted to preserve the oceanfront area in front of the hotel as much as possible and ensured all vegetation outside the building was left in its pristine state (the position of the Pointe restaurant was adjusted by a few metres to protect an ancient cedar tree). Any trees chopped down now form the walls of the lobby, library and café and stocks only ecological and organic products in its spa.

Into the wild - Alaska & Canada

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