Tours in Denmark

Whether you visit during the long light-filled days of summer or the cosy darkness of winter, Denmark has much to offer. World class architecture both historic and modern, a long and interesting history, endless white sand beaches, and one of Europe’s coolest capitals, there is plenty of scope to enjoy a varied stay in Denmark.


As a small country, Denmark lends itself to touring holidays and road trips on which to discover Viking settlements, historic castles, and scenic coastal regions. The cobbled streets, picturesque canals, grand palaces, and world-renown Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen provide a historic backdrop to the contemporary shops, bars, and restaurants of this vibrant city.

Fast becoming a design destination, the country’s second city, Aarhus is a great place to immerse yourself in modern Danish culture. Other highlights include Kronborg Castle, the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Located in Helsingør, northern Zealand, the castle was immortalised as Elsinore by the Bard. Viking lovers can head to Roskilde, home to two significant exhibitions, with replica ships and village giving a sense of how these fierce warrior seafarers lived. For rugged natural beauty, head to the white sand beaches and countryside of North Jutland and North Zealand. Here you’ll find Skagen, an old fishing village dating back 600 years, where the North and Baltic Seas meet. Families may also wish to visit Billund, home to the original Lego factory and the Legoland Resort.

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