Top Ten Reasons to See Croatia by Boat

Great for families, groups of friends and couples alike, breathtakingly beautiful Croatia is a made up of 1,778km of coastline and 1,000 islands, making it best explored by boat.

01 August 2018


With waters of every unbelievable shade of blue, and a stunning coastline dotted with forests, rocky coves, beaches and picturesque port towns, you’ll feel as if you’ve just sailed into a postcard. Here are Europe Expert, Gwen’s top ten reasons to see the incredible Dalmatian Coast by boat.

1. The Adriatic Sea is absolutely stunning. Visiting the islands by boat is one of the most relaxing ways to explore the bustling tourist destinations of Croatia.

2. This is a way to really get off the beaten track. You’ll have access to undiscovered coves, beach and villages that most never see.

3. A boat is your own private, luxury floating hotel with staff, a skipper, hostess, crew and chef, who will prepare your every culinary whim.

4. Watersports! Stand up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, water skis, jet skis, fishing equipment, snorkeling equipment, any water activity you can imagine, we can make happen.

5. The crew is local, so you’ll feel like you’re staying with new friends, who will show you the local hotspots from their insider perspective.

6. Summertime is hot in Croatia, traveling by boat gives you the ability to jump off the boat at anytime for a cooling swim in the crystal-clear sea. It’s completely refreshing.

7. The Dalmatian Coast is beautiful, the scenery is breathtaking, and it’s best viewed from the water.

8. Complete flexibility based on your mood that day. Feel like a history tour? Eating a big meal and napping after? Or swimming through secluded caves? The choice is yours.

9. It’s a major time saver. You have the ability to island hop seamlessly without worrying about having to take car or ferry transfers.

10. Luxury accommodation sells out really quickly in Croatia and a boat gives you an amazing option to explore the islands that encompasses everything that you could ever desire in a Croatian Holiday.

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