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Wild places, mysterious creatures, spectacular natural wonders and breathtaking animal dramas... Planet Earth III is back on our screens.

03 November 2023

Planet Earth 3 Inspired Trips

Nature and adventure lovers alike will have been captivated by the latest season of Sir David Attenborough's Planet Earth III. Although we have explored an astounding amount of the planet, there is still a great amount waiting to be uncovered. This show takes a look at all of the ways the natural world continues to surprise us.

So far, we’ve seen incredible creatures in the wild, from desert lions prowling along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast to magnificent rays leaping above the waters of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. Inspired by these breathtaking scenes, we asked our Travel Specialists to select the best ways to experience the standout wildlife featured in episodes 1 and 2, including where to stay and how to travel. As Sir David Attenborough so aptly states, “We’ve explored almost every part of the planet and seen nature in it’s astounding variety, but there’s still much to discover.”

Journey to new destinations, dive beneath the surface and discover something extraordinary with these recommendations from Scott Dunn’s experts. Get ready to let Planet Earth inspire your next trip.

Spot great white sharks in South Africa

Where to stay: Grootbos Nature Reserve

Many beautiful properties along South Africa’s coastline offer opportunities to witness marine creatures, however, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve located on the hills above Walker Bay is a standout! Offering luxury, style and incomparable biodiversity, Grootbos is one of Conde Nast’s top resorts in the world and a leader in sustainable tourism. It’s one of the best places on the planet to see the marine Big Five: whales, sharks, dolphins, seals and penguins. Visit between June – September for the best chances of seeing of enjoying whale watching and seeing great white sharks on the hunt for Cape fur seals.

Witness desert lions on the Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Where to stay: Shipwreck Lodge

Seeing desert lions prowling along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is a rare occurrence, but a stay at Shipwreck Lodge is the only spot offering the chance of this sighting! With its dramatic sand dune setting, Shipwreck Lodge enjoys an unrivalled location and is the first to be built on the coast itself. During a stay here, enjoy a myriad of adventures, from exploring nearby shipwrecks and visiting the local Himba Villages to visiting the seal colony at Möwe Bay and seeing desert-adapted elephants and kudu roaming the coast.

Be wowed by whales and more in Argentina

How to travel: Wild Argentina

Journey to the rugged Península Valdés to encounter breathtaking marine mammals. Here, you can witness incredible wildlife phenomena such as migrating southern right whales and nesting penguin colonies. Embark on the Wild Argentina itinerary, and you’ll visit fantastically wild Argentinian destinations including Iguazu Falls, Ibera Wetlands, Southern Patagonia and, of course, Península Valdés, an eco-wonderland offering rare and unique fauna.

See turtles in the Great Barrier Reef

How to travel: Family fun in Australia

In episode 1, the crew travels to Australia’s tiny Raine Island, where tens of thousands of female green turtles come ashore to nest. While Raine Island is not accessible to the public, there are an array of stunning locations in Australia where you can dive and see turtles and more of the region’s underwater wonders. Travel along Australia’s east coast, including Sydney, New South Wales and Daintree National Park, for an abundance of fun experiences! During a stay in Daintree, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a Great Barrier Reef boat trip, turtle spotting and sea kayaking.

Dive into the underwater wonders of Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Where to stay: Rascal Luxury Yacht

Also in episode 1, we meet the archer fish of tropical Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Travelling around the coral reef which is sheltered by a forest of Mangrove trees, we see the fish using jets of water to shoot down insects from high above the water. This beautiful area of the world is home to a variety of underwater wonders. One of the best ways to experience them is from a private vessel like the Rascal Luxury Yachet. Choose to explore the Raja Ampat archipelago by private charter yacht enjoying 5-star service on board and the chance to go diving, snorkelling, water skiing and island hiking.

Experience the marine delights of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Where to stay: Baja California

In episode 2, we explore the vast and changing oceans and encounter mobula rays in the Sea of Cortez. These marine animals face the challenge of finding a partner in the ocean, using acrobatic leaps to attract other rays (an activity which comes with the huge danger of attracting ray-hinting orca). Baja California is a starkly beautiful region of the world home to desert-strewn landscapes and captivating marine life. Chat to one of our Latin America Travel Specialists about the best way for you to experience Baja California.

Our team will be sharing more of their Planet Earth inspired insights and travel tips. Keep an eye on our blog for more astonishingly wild recommendations.

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