My Sydney Detour

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

This hidden and private guided tour of Sydney really gets you away from the conventional sights of Sydney. With your specialist guides and unique vehicle, explore through the eyes of two locals and learn all about Sydney from a different perspective.

Enjoy a full-day private tour of Sydney that takes you completely off the well beaten tourist trail (although you will see all of the main attractions too!) and see Sydney through the eyes of a local.

Travelling by vintage car, this tour teaches you about the hidden secrets, the wonderful people, trendy local cafes and secluded harbour front lookouts. Experience the Sydney that other tourists just don't get to see.

Throughout the tour your knowledgeable guide will share stories about Sydney’s indigenous and colonial past whilst showing you some of the cities, villages, exclusive residential suburbs, popular local beaches and tranquil harbour bays. You'll learn not only about the Sydney of the past but about the cities contemporary local lifestyle as well.


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