Best Time to Visit United Kingdom

The best time to visit the United Kingdom is from April to October. This is when the weather is typically drier, and the temperatures are warmer. We also love the vacations in the United Kingdom as the fires will be lit, the pubs will be cosy and the cities will be festive.

Climate guide for United Kingdom

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cornwall & West Country 14°F 44mm 18°F 43mm 28°F 46mm 43°F 76mm 54°F 83mm 64°F 97mm 73°F 50mm 67°F 77mm 60°F 109mm 49°F 191mm 31°F 46mm 26°F 37mm
Edinburgh & the Lowlands 39°F 9mm 43°F 16mm 44°F 69mm 46°F 33mm 50°F 73mm 55°F 102mm 61°F 68mm 60°F 132mm 55°F 77mm 47°F 90mm 40°F 83mm 42°F 63mm
Highlands & Islands of Scotland 54°F 0mm 59°F 0mm 62°F 0mm 70°F 0mm 78°F 0mm 82°F 0mm 84°F 0mm 85°F 0mm 83°F 0mm 72°F 0mm 60°F 0mm 58°F 0mm
Lake District & Northern England 27°F 105mm 31°F 49mm 37°F 70mm 53°F 116mm 61°F 140mm 68°F 137mm 75°F 185mm 71°F 149mm 66°F 31mm 56°F 168mm 38°F 45mm 34°F 64mm
London 42°F 24mm 47°F 37mm 49°F 60mm 51°F 7mm 56°F 34mm 62°F 69mm 68°F 50mm 66°F 42mm 61°F 76mm 54°F 121mm 46°F 64mm 45°F 105mm
Oxford, Bath & The Cotswolds 39°F 21mm 44°F 150mm 47°F 33mm 48°F 22mm 53°F 23mm 58°F 58mm 65°F 33mm 63°F 36mm 58°F 51mm 51°F 89mm 43°F 73mm 43°F 69mm
Southeast England 41°F 102mm 47°F 164mm 50°F 85mm 62°F 302mm 71°F 228mm 77°F 113mm 80°F 68mm 81°F 137mm 80°F 35mm 62°F 180mm 47°F 108mm 46°F 40mm
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