Best Time to Visit Switzerland

An all-round destination, Switzerland offers so much in summer and winter. Warm summer days and cooler evenings means that temperatures in the Alp villages in summer are very pleasant. Invariably the weather in the mountains can often change quickly so it's always worth being prepared.

The winter offers excellent conditions throughout a long season. Skiing is well under way by early December and even late November due to high altitude glacial terrain around 4000m. As the season progresses, lower runs offer great conditions too and the skiing below 2000m is appealing when it gets really cold. By April when other resorts can be knee deep in slush, Zermatt will have the best conditions in the Alps.

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Climate guide for Switzerland

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Andermatt 19°F 139mm 25°F 36mm 31°F 114mm 36°F 210mm 40°F 65mm 56°F 215mm 57°F 57mm 56°F 157mm 49°F 115mm 46°F 186mm 34°F 169mm 29°F 126mm
Bern 32°F 37mm 36°F 47mm 43°F 65mm 47°F 54mm 51°F 145mm 66°F 89mm 69°F 77mm 66°F 129mm 59°F 85mm 52°F 150mm 41°F 94mm 38°F 88mm
Geneva City 35°F 63mm 39°F 79mm 47°F 104mm 50°F 113mm 54°F 89mm 68°F 221mm 73°F 116mm 69°F 129mm 63°F 42mm 55°F 211mm 43°F 230mm 41°F 276mm
Interlaken 31°F 118mm 36°F 58mm 43°F 115mm 48°F 84mm 49°F 178mm 66°F 128mm 68°F 193mm 65°F 184mm 59°F 83mm 52°F 150mm 41°F 159mm 38°F 244mm
Lake Geneva 16°F 34mm 16°F 57mm 29°F 30mm 45°F 78mm 53°F 176mm 63°F 143mm 72°F 126mm 66°F 126mm 62°F 190mm 46°F 168mm 29°F 37mm 31°F 29mm
Lausanne 35°F 49mm 40°F 52mm 46°F 56mm 50°F 90mm 53°F 129mm 67°F 114mm 72°F 80mm 69°F 103mm 62°F 46mm 56°F 144mm 44°F 157mm 42°F 142mm
Lucerne 32°F 93mm 37°F 78mm 44°F 80mm 48°F 76mm 51°F 192mm 67°F 95mm 69°F 185mm 66°F 179mm 59°F 90mm 53°F 151mm 42°F 96mm 39°F 94mm
Lugano 39°F 14mm 43°F 55mm 49°F 57mm 53°F 191mm 56°F 108mm 71°F 115mm 75°F 60mm 71°F 279mm 65°F 70mm 58°F 243mm 46°F 369mm 42°F 212mm
St Moritz 13°F 43mm 21°F 42mm 25°F 41mm 31°F 119mm 36°F 74mm 52°F 91mm 52°F 66mm 52°F 125mm 45°F 91mm 39°F 109mm 27°F 187mm 22°F 62mm
Verbier 17°F 25mm 29°F 17mm 31°F 37mm 38°F 28mm 41°F 51mm 53°F 52mm 56°F 76mm 51°F 82mm 50°F 5mm 39°F 48mm 26°F 77mm 27°F 136mm
Zermatt 19°F 32mm 31°F 18mm 33°F 39mm 38°F 32mm 42°F 53mm 57°F 75mm 58°F 73mm 57°F 63mm 49°F 41mm 45°F 94mm 31°F 95mm 30°F 96mm
Zurich 32°F 60mm 39°F 37mm 45°F 69mm 49°F 54mm 51°F 147mm 67°F 106mm 69°F 96mm 66°F 125mm 59°F 90mm 53°F 130mm 42°F 62mm 39°F 61mm
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