Places to Visit in Sweden

Sweden is home to a vast array of landscapes – from the dense pine forests and craggy mountains of the north, to the rolling hills and golden beaches of the south. Not to mention stylish cities like Gothenburg and the capital Stockholm.

Places to visit

Uncover the real Stockholm where you can spend days museum-hopping and checking out traditional Christmas markets and design stores and ogle at the beautiful colorful buildings in the Medieval Old Town. Head out to the Arctic for a snowy escape exploring the wild landscapes of Swedish Lapland and the magical Northern Lights. Here, history and culture meet natural beauty and adrenaline-packed activities. In the summer, the beautiful city of Gothenburg is the perfect place to meander as you venture towards the coastal fishing villages. Western Sweden plays host to breath-taking views over sprawling archipelagos with plenty of opportunity to cycle, hike or snorkel in crystal clear water.

Map featuring best places to visit in Sweden

Places on the map

  • Gothenburg and Western Sweden Sweden
  • Swedish Lapland Sweden
  • Stockholm and Eastern Sweden Sweden
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