Night Snorkelling

Mustique, St Vincent & Grenadines

Discover the mysterious magic of snorkeling at night time with an experienced guide. Snorkelling equipment and underwater torches will be provided and your expert guide will show you all the different creatures that come out to feed at night.

The underwater reefs take on a different life after dark and snorkeling at night time with an experienced guide to show you around is an amazing experience as creatures such as octopus, eels and lobsters are all much more active at night. The reef comes alive with lots of creatures feeding and you will see lots of bright shiny eyes peering out at you from the rocks! The coral at night is magnificent so much more so than in the daytime as at night they bloom out into stunning colors and you may also see the coral spawning at certain times of the year.

In the deeper waters look out for other creatures too such as the large ray who love to play around the edges of torch light!

The guide takes out small groups once a week at 7pm for an hour but private sessions can also be arranged should you prefer your own personal guide.

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