Places to Visit in St Barths

At just under 10 square miles, take time to explore the over 14 beaches on St. Barts. The best of the beaches include Anse des Flamands (for the scenery), Baie de St-Jean (for the beachside bistros) and Anse de Grand Cul de Sac (for the watersports). After the beach, stroll the shops and restaurants of the capital city, Gustavia. Stick around until the evening and enjoy a little laid-back island nightlife.

For a sense of history and colonial architecture, visit the tiny Wall House Museum, where a recent exhibition explored the island’s Swedish heritage. The building itself is a stony colonial relic. The promenade parallel to Rue de la Republique in Gustavia, which feels more like a collection of oversized dollhouses than an actual city, is perfect for a sunset stroll. St. Barts has no sales tax, which might make a shopping expedition to places like Dolce & Gabbana a viable option. Drive 10 minutes from bustling Lorient over the spine of St. Barts and you’ll arrive at an untamed treasure: Saline Beach. At the top of the rocky path from the parking lot, you’ll be greeted by a carpet of white sand tumbling down the dunes into the sea.

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