Best Time to Visit Spain

In general Spain has a welcoming climate all year round. Northern Spain is more seasonal, with colder winter months but still a great time to see the area. Andalucia has a Mediterranean climate, making it a year-round destination. In general, you can usually rely on pleasant or hot temperatures from April to early November. In Andalucia there are plenty of warm, sunny days right through winter.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is in the Spring and Fall when the temperature is simply perfect with warm sunny days. During July and August it can be very hot and some days the temperature reaches 40°C, Andalucia is extremely crowded during these months.

Climate guide for Spain

68°F 4mm
79°F 4mm
81°F 9mm
85°F 7mm
94°F 3mm
101°F 0mm
101°F 0mm
105°F 0mm
99°F 2mm
91°F 5mm
79°F 6mm
71°F 8mm
61°F 8mm
65°F 7mm
71°F 9mm
77°F 9mm
82°F 7mm
93°F 9mm
94°F 11mm
96°F 9mm
89°F 5mm
81°F 10mm
69°F 8mm
62°F 6mm
66°F 5mm
66°F 4mm
69°F 7mm
72°F 7mm
79°F 9mm
89°F 22mm
90°F 8mm
91°F 7mm
84°F 11mm
78°F 8mm
71°F 8mm
66°F 3mm
45°F 394mm
52°F 113mm
53°F 81mm
55°F 207mm
57°F 309mm
64°F 150mm
70°F 214mm
70°F 158mm
67°F 123mm
63°F 257mm
53°F 696mm
52°F 253mm
52°F 0mm
53°F 0mm
56°F 0mm
59°F 0mm
65°F 0mm
72°F 0mm
80°F 0mm
79°F 0mm
75°F 1mm
69°F 0mm
60°F 1mm
57°F 0mm
43°F 7mm
48°F 18mm
54°F 12mm
54°F 90mm
65°F 1mm
74°F 1mm
82°F 11mm
78°F 62mm
69°F 33mm
60°F 45mm
49°F 45mm
47°F 86mm
68°F 5mm
69°F 2mm
72°F 4mm
74°F 3mm
81°F 2mm
93°F 2mm
96°F 1mm
96°F 2mm
89°F 6mm
85°F 5mm
75°F 9mm
68°F 4mm
74°F 2mm
73°F 3mm
77°F 3mm
76°F 3mm
78°F 1mm
83°F 0mm
86°F 1mm
95°F 1mm
86°F 2mm
87°F 3mm
81°F 4mm
77°F 6mm