Denis Private Island

Denis Private Island is an informal island sanctuary on one of the Seychelles' most beautiful outer islands. Pampered from the minute you arrive, guests experience the ultimate in barefoot luxury and secluded island living.

Denis Private Island, Seychelles
Denis Private Island
  • All villas offer direct beach access

  • Luxurious island hideaway perfect for families and couples

  • Wonderful diving and snorkeling

  • Privately-owned island by the Mason family

Denis Island has 23 immaculate, individual and secluded cottages, dotted between casuarinas and coconut trees. Arranged in such a way that you feel you could be on the island all by yourself, each cottage has a sea facing veranda as well a private courtyard with outside shower, and are just steps away from the beach. The sea is teeming with marine life, and guests can snorkel off the beach, often seeing turtles. Denis Island has all the essential ingredients for languid island-style living but it also boasts some of the world’s best fishing and diving for those looking for adventure as well as barefoot luxury.

The chef’s traditional Seychellois cuisine can be enjoyed in the spacious and airy restaurant, privately on the deck of your own cottage or even on the beach under the stars. Delicious food is produced using fresh local seafood and the island's own farm and gardens, and along with the amazing service, is a special feature of a stay here.

Denis Island is committed to ensuring that the numerous natural treasures found on the island remain for future generations to enjoy. On land, large tracts of forest and habitat have been rehabilitated with native broad-leaved trees. Endemic bird species have been introduced as part of an ongoing national efforts to increase breeding populations which will lead to their improved status on the IUCN Globally Threatened Birds list. Nowhere else in the world will a morning’s walk bring you across the Seychelles fody, magpie robin, paradise flycatcher and Seychelles warbler.

Denis Island is continually working to ensure that the reef flats - essential nursery and feeding grounds for fish and green turtles - remain, to play a crucial role in the ecozystem dynamics. Hawksbill and green turtles laying their eggs on Denis’ protected shoreline are monitored and tagged, providing valuable information.

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Denis has its own organic farm ensuring the freshest food for all the guests. They also produce fantastic coconut oil which is used in the hotel's spa treatments and is also shipped back to the mainland

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Denis Private Island, Seychelles

Fifty-three miles (85km) north of the capital Victoria, lies Denis Private Island with a surface area of 131 hectares. The private island was once a thriving coconut plantation. Denis Island Seychelles, is only a 30-minute flight from Mahé.

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