Lyngen Lodge

Lyngen Lodge is located inside Norway's Arctic Circle where you will experience a perfect combination of nature and luxury. From snow-shoeing to skiing, to watching the Northern Lights unravel above you, you are assured to see nature at its absolute best.

Lyngen Fjord, Norway
Lyngen Lodge
  • Can either be taken exclusively for up to 18 guests, or booked on a room-by-room basis

  • Escape the hectic world and head for the Arctic Circle for an exceptional and undisrupted experience of nature

  • Linger under the star filled sky and watch as the vibrant colors of the Northern Lights dart across the Lyngen Fjord

  • Warm up with a glass of champagne in the hot tub, or for a cosier feel make yourself comfortable by the log fire in the lounge

The owner of the Lyngen Lodge was visiting the area when he had his vision for this magical hideaway in the midst of the Norwegian landscape. The lodge, which blends blissfully into the landscape, has been created with care and precision. The ethos of the lodge was not only for it to fit into the landscape aesthetically, but also in its day to day functioning. Exemplar of this is the thick grass roof which both blends the property into its surrounds, and acts as insulation for the property.

The lodge has been built using traditional Norwegian lofting pine and its panoramic windows reveal impressive views out across the stunning landscape. From December through to March, with the striking backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the lake lying before you, the lodge becomes the perfect platform from which to view the Northern Lights. There is no need to venture further than a step from the lodge to be in an optimal viewing spot, meaning that when your toes become a little chilly you can pop inside to warm by the log fire before heading back out. To enhance your experience of the Northern Lights, the staff will provide you with photography advice and tips, and let you in on their vast knowledge of the natural phenomena.

There are eight beautifully decorated en-suite rooms, all of which have their own charm and the use of simple pastel colors creates a peaceful environment. Given the small number of guests, attentive and personable staff, and warm atmosphere you will feel very much at home during your stay at the lodge. There is also a fully licensed bar, dining room, library and lounge with a large open log fire for you to enjoy with fellow guests.

The food is a pure delight; you will be treated to plates fashioned from locally sourced ingredients with Norwegian flavors at their heart. The unique menu features reindeer, lamb, cod, halibut and salmon all of which come beautifully prepared reflecting the chef’s passion for food.

Beyond visiting for the stunning views, there is an abundance of various other activities to ensure you get the most out of this unique destination. From snow-shoeing your way through the forest to mushing your own dog sled, you will not be short of options to fulfil your sense of adventure! For those who are after something a little more relaxing, you can enjoy a romantic horse sleigh ride along the snow-covered shores of the lake.

During the summer months, the landscape sees a dramatic change with a scattering of flowers, birds flocking in and as the ice melts, waterfalls breaking out across the mountain. This is a year round destination, with the wide range of activities in winter being matched by that which is available in the summer. From fishing in some of the riches stocks of Cod, Halibut, Cole, Catfish, Steinbit (Wolf Fish) and Red Fish in the world, to a variety of water sports, you are spoiled for choice. Lyngen Fjord is also a paradise for walkers, from boat accessed trekking to a gentle wander through the forest you are truly spoiled for choice.

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Lyngen Fjord, Norway

The lodge is located in Djupvik i Lyngen (Kåfjord District) on the east shore of the Lyngen Fjord along the E6 route approx 2.5 hours east of the city of Tromsø.

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