Swe Daw Lay Su Tour

Bagan, Burma

Follow in the footsteps of King Anawrahta and visit four sacred and photogenic sites around Bagan (Shwezigon, Tu Yin Taung, Lawka Nandar and Tant Kyi Taung), where local pilgrims flock.

Legendary King Anawratha is famous in Burmese culture. It is believed that once the king was presented with a relic of Lord Buddha. He placed it on the back of his sacred white elephant and at four locations, the elephant stopped. Seeing this as a sign, King Anawratha built a pagoda at each spot. Local legend has it that if all four sites are visited in one day then a wish will be granted. This full-day tour follows the path of the king’s legendary elephant.  Shwezigon, one of Bagan’s holiest sites, is one location. Another site is Tu Yin Taung, a stunning hilltop stupa. Lawka Nandar, a riverside temple with a unique design, is the third. And then there is Tant Kyi Taung, perhaps the most exciting. Seeing fewer tourists than the others, this hilltop temple is the most remote and it is believed that Buddha himself once visited. This special tour also includes a stop at Nyaung U’s morning market.
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