Half Day Local Color Tour, Bagan

Bagan, Burma

Experience a taste of local Burmese life and see the world from a local’s point of view by visiting neighborhoods barely touched by the modern world and mixing with the locals at Nyaung U Market.

Explore another side of Bagan, away from the well-trodden tourist spots. Nyaung U morning market promises a lively start to the day with stalls showcasing colorful vegetables, fragrant spices and freshly caught fish and with locals haggling and sharing jokes. Just like markets, teashops double-up as social gathering spots, newsstands and as shelters from the sun, and so to visit to one is a special local experience. Local villages, in the shadow of Bagan’s much-loved pagodas, offer all kinds of small but intriguing insights - from jam makers going about their business, to workshops preparing lacquerware and wooden handicrafts. Just being there, quietly and respectfully, is to invite and experience all manner of observations and one-off experiences.
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