Best Time to Visit Myanmar

The best time to visit Myanmar is during the dry season from November to April. At this time the warm and sunny days are ideal for sightseeing throughout the country. The temperatures start to rise in March and May to September is best avoided as this is the rainy season when sightseeing can become difficult and rain a regular feature.

Climate guide for Myanmar (Burma)

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Golden Rock 78°F 10mm 78°F 10mm 79°F 1mm 80°F 12mm 81°F 137mm 83°F 13mm 83°F 112mm 84°F 90mm 84°F 56mm 83°F 29mm 82°F 52mm 81°F 32mm
Hpa-An 64°F 0mm 70°F 2mm 76°F 14mm 82°F 63mm 86°F 42mm 85°F 357mm 82°F 755mm 86°F 145mm 81°F 245mm 80°F 48mm 75°F 7mm 65°F 3mm
Irrawaddy River 41°F 46mm 44°F 77mm 44°F 166mm 47°F 79mm 50°F 57mm 54°F 122mm 60°F 77mm 58°F 176mm 55°F 134mm 47°F 106mm 42°F 146mm 42°F 96mm
Mandalay 70°F 46mm 75°F 2mm 82°F 1mm 91°F 9mm 92°F 68mm 89°F 49mm 87°F 51mm 85°F 254mm 85°F 48mm 84°F 38mm 79°F 100mm 69°F 0mm
Yangon 78°F 36mm 82°F 0mm 84°F 0mm 89°F 0mm 87°F 228mm 82°F 428mm 80°F 630mm 80°F 883mm 82°F 357mm 84°F 125mm 83°F 86mm 77°F 0mm
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