Places to Visit in Malta

We’ve taken the time to unearth the best places to visit in Malta, taking you away from the main tourist trail and highlighting some exceptional hidden treasures that make Malta unique.

Places to visit

Valletta sets the scene with boutique luxury hotels overlooking the dazzling Grand Harbor onto the Three Cities beyond. Everything in Valletta is in walking distance, making for a delightful stroll through the sloping cobblestone streets, dwarfed by 1600s townhouses showcasing their iconic Maltese balconies, flanked with lively cafes and bar’s spilling out onto the steps, hidden restaurants, artisan crafters and niche trades all to be explored.

It doesn’t stop there, dive into the enchanting old city of Mdina, you will be stunned by the stillness that engulfs this ‘silent city’ and get swept away with the history and noble families that have resided here for generations. Hop on a boat to the neighboring island of Gozo for fun day of adventure, where you enter a world of the enchanted inland sea and colorful cave system, Dwejra Bay and Xwejni Salt Pans with a sensational gourmet picnic, boasting fine Maltese produce and homemade bites overlooking the sea.

With private guides, and insider knowledge you will be treated to an exceptional few days where you will really have time to understand and get under the skin of this little known gem in the Mediterranean.

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