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From one-on-one private ski lessons to comprehensive ski guides, Courchevel ski schools cover it all.

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Courchevel 1850 and 1650 are widely known as fantastic destinations for family ski trips and they offer a range of slopes to suit all ski levels. With a history of welcoming new and experienced skiers, Courchevel ski schools offer some of the most educated and well-rounded courses available.

You'll have access to three types of “ski schools” in Courchevel: ski groups, ski lessons, and ski guides. Our curated collection of ski schools below offer some or all of the types above.

At select ski hotels, you’ll also have access to our Explorers Kids Club, an exclusive ski school for ages 4 months to 7 years old. Little ones will make snowmen and sip warming hot chocolate, while older kids take part in confidence-building ski groups to tackle the slopes.

Here are our top ski schools in Courchevel. All of the ski schools we work with have English-speaking instructors to ensure no language barriers. For more insight on which school is best for you, get in touch with our ski experts for more information.


“We work year after year with these schools and ski instructors in Courchevel, building close long-lasting relationships with them. We know exactly which instructors and guides are best for each guest, as we match teaching styles, personalities, and so much more to ensure you have the best possible experience.”

Michelle Yates, Ski School Specialist

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The Benefits of Getting Ski Lessons in Courchevel

Ski lessons in Courchevel offer many benefits for beginner and expert skiers. You’ll participate in one-to-one sessions where you master the basics or hone advanced techniques to level up your runs. It’s a real customized experience where the instructors work with you to develop your unique style.

There are also small group lessons for traveling friends or those who want to meet other similar-levelled skiers where you’ll still receive personalized tips and guidance but in a like-minded group setting.

What do Courchevel's ski schools offer?

Courchevel’s ski schools offer three types of schooling environments.

Ski groups are more targeted towards kids. This is where you’d have small group lessons of the same ability, anywhere from beginner to advanced. It’s ideal for kids who want to learn in a social environment. They can make friends and move up levels together. It’s less intensive and more conversational, but you’ll still get the full impact of a structured ski lesson. Kids will learn from each other and receive medals and certificates (depending on the school), perfect for creating a sense of achievement and confidence building for little minds.

Children aged 3–4 years old may do better with one-to-one lessons, but 5 and up thrive in this environment. This type of setting is not as readily available for adults and teen skiers.

Ski lessons are a customized one-to-one approach, from beginner to expert/advanced. Skiers of all ages can take private ski lessons in Courchevel. There’s also the option for private small groups of up to 6 people. It can be a group of beginners or those trying to level up. Or, if you only have a few people in your group, even at different levels, the lesson can be split between the different skiers. Overall, this is a more customized experience than ski groups.

Ski guides are people who will show you where to go. Guides are especially great for those new to the resort as Courchevel has three valleys. As a group or privately, you’ll go out with them on the 1st or 2nd day to get a better understanding of where to go on-piste, off-piste, and around the resort. Only necessary for a day or two, but those trying to get under the area's skin can use them for a whole week.

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FAQs about ski lessons in Courchevel

  • Are the ski schools in Courchevel for children only?

    Ski schools in Courchevel are for everyone, and we have several excellent ski school partners in Courchevel that cater for children and adults. While group lessons tend to be more for children, there are some adult group lesson options as well as private ski lessons in Courchevel.

  • Can I get private ski lessons in Courchevel?

    Yes, we have a selection of excellent instructors that we work with either directly or via one of our ski school partners that offer a range of private ski lessons in Courchevel to suit all levels, ages and lesson needs.

  • How many people are there in a group lesson?

    Group lessons are generally 6 people per class. There are often fewer for younger children and sometimes more for older children once they are more familiar with the sport.

  • How many hours per day are the lessons?

    Lessons vary between school and instructor, ability and dates of travel, but they range from 2-hour sessions up to a full 8-hour day for those who want to traverse far and wide or get in as much skiing as possible.

  • Do the Courchevel ski schools provide equipment?

    Not all ski schools provide equipment, but some of the schools have partnerships with specific ski equipment shops and many of the hotels have their shop in-house so you can find the perfect gear.

  • Are there snowboard instructors in Courchevel?

    Yes, there are several brilliant snowboard instructors that we work with in Courchevel for snowboarding lessons. Groups are a little more challenging to find, but private snowboarding lessons are a must here for anyone interested.

Slopes of Courchevel 1850
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