Best Time to Visit Laos

The best time to visit Laos is between October and April, the weather is a little dryer and the sun is comfortably warm. Rainy season in Laos is May to September, if you don’t mind a some humidity, a bit of heat and maybe the odd shower then it’s a great time to explore, less tourists make for a much more authentic experience. December/January is going to be perfect weather-wise but do bear in mind it’s peak time to travel so you’ll pay a bit more for accommodation and you should book at least 6 months out if you want to get your first choices in hotels.

Climate guide for Laos

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Northern Laos 9°F 9mm -11°F 5mm 23°F 1mm 39°F 12mm 54°F 5mm 61°F 71mm 62°F 158mm 59°F 41mm 50°F 39mm 36°F 21mm 19°F 11mm 8°F 7mm
Southern Laos 65°F 35mm 61°F 52mm 59°F 123mm 54°F 84mm 48°F 210mm 44°F 177mm 43°F 149mm 42°F 213mm 45°F 172mm 51°F 78mm 51°F 118mm 58°F 35mm
Vientiane 76°F 0mm 80°F 147mm 83°F 85mm 88°F 76mm 85°F 260mm 85°F 488mm 84°F 241mm 82°F 870mm 83°F 216mm 83°F 56mm 79°F 3mm 73°F 0mm
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