Places to Visit in Jordan

The main city to visit is Jordan’s capital, Amman, here you can explore an array of the historical sites as well as wandering through the museums which paint a further picture of old Jordan

Places to visit

Other key places to visit in Jordan is of course Petra, there is nothing better than walking through the orange and red hued canyons and approach the world-famous Treasury, in real life the sheer majesty of it really does blow you away. Jordan’s Wadi Rum is the potentially the closest you will ever get to feeling like you have walked on the moon, the jutting rock formations seem otherworldly and are fascinating to explore at sunset as the fiery colors contrast beautiful to the azure sky. Another place to visit in Jordan is Mount Nebo, supposedly the location where Moses died and was chosen because being perched on a hill it looks down on the Dead Sea and then Jerusalem in the distance; the views are truly spectacular. The Dead Sea is an important place to visit to tick off your bucket list, the sensation of floating in the saltwater is truly unique and only place in the world you will feel completely weightless.

Map featuring best places to visit in Jordan

Places on the map

  • Aqaba Jordan
  • Petra Jordan
  • Dana Nature Reserve Jordan
  • Amman Jordan
  • Wadi Rum Jordan
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