Places to Visit in Hong Kong

When visiting Hong Kong, the main places to visit are Hong Kong island itself, Kowloon just over the water and then Macau if you feel like dabbling in a little black jack or even experiencing this gambling haven first hand without handing over any money yourself.

Places to visit

We don't currently list specific places to visit for this destination, please browse our hotel page for some further inspiration for your trip.

We would also suggest visiting Stanley Market as well as the beaches around there to explore a different side to Hong Kong. The beaches are great for a day or two out of the city to relax and enjoy a bit of down time, it is also fun to meander past through Repulse Bay which is a highly affluent area with some stunning properties. For those with a little more time visiting Hong Kong’s outlying islands is an enjoyable day experience if you want a break from the hustle and bustle. Our experts can suggest the perfect options for you bearing in mind the weather then and what you would like to take in.

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