Explora Rapa Nui

Explora Rapa Nui, owned by the prestigious Explora group, is Easter Island's premier luxury hotel. Guests can enjoy a wide range of guided excursions to discover the many wonders of this mythical Pacific island.

Easter Island, Chile
Explora Rapa Nui
  • Discover mythical wonders and experience complete luxury on one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands

  • Curvaceous, modern and chic - the property is built almost exclusively from local volcanic rock and wood from the mainland

  • Perched on a hilltop facing the ocean, this futuristic looking hotel is the best place from which to delve into the mythical history and culture of this far flung region

  • The Moai (found across the entire island) are of course the main attraction, but whether it be on foot, horseback, boat or bike there are also volcanoes, beaches and cliff faces waiting to be explored!

Set on a hill overlooking the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, Explora Rapa Nui acts as the perfect base for exploring this beautiful and mysterious island, the most remote inhabited island in the world and home to a culture whose origins and evolution remain unexplained. 

The hotel has been carefully designed and constructed to fit with the geography of the island and to create minimal impact on the environment. Volcanic rock, native to the island and pine wood from the mainland are the principal materials used in the construction. The hotel has 30 very comfortable guest rooms and suites, all with a small living area, hydro massage bath and plush beds to sink into at the end of the day. 

The main lodge at Explora Rapa Nui houses relaxing living areas and a dining area, while just a few steps away one finds the pool, heated open-air Jacuzzis, bar and the Hare Taheta massage room, where guests can indulge in a relaxing and therapeutic massage while contemplating the ocean views. 

Explora guests have the opportunity to participate in fantastic and diverse daily explorations run by the lodge to experience first-hand the fascinating culture, flora and fauna of the island. The excursions and activities range from gentle to more demanding, to suit all levels of ability and taste, and are accompanied by expert bilingual guides, the majority of whom are native Rapa Nui. 

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Try some Mahina (the first local beer from Easter Island) at the hotel bar.

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Easter Island, Chile

Explora Easter Island is located in the southwestern zone of the island, 5.6 km from Hanga Roa – the only town on the island.

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