Our promise

We want to inspire complete confidence in you so that when you book with us, you enjoy peace of mind. Which is why we are registered with the California Attorney General’s Office as a Seller of Travel. That means we abide by the highest standards of care in the industry. Your satisfaction is our primary concern and we do everything we can to stand behind our financial commitment to you.

Scott Dunn USA is owned by a financially strong UK business, operating successfully in the travel industry since 1986.

Your vacation is supposed to be hassle free but sometimes things do go wrong. Booking directly, you have zero protection. You could book every element of your vacation yourself - from flights and accommodation to transfers - but when you let us do everything for you, our experience as a tour operator means we automatically take responsibility for your whole vacation. With other companies you can have extremely limited rights. With Scott Dunn, you have peace of mind.

The difference is clear: when you book with us, we take our responsibility for your whole vacation seriously, no matter what. Sit back and relax, you're in safe hands.

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