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Gwen Nicol

The youngest of three, I've always had the desire to fully experience life and be on-the-go. After graduating from college, my wanderlust led me to a summer of backpacking through thirteen countries across Europe.

Gwen Nicol

With only a backpack, a one-way plane ticket, and a sense of adventure I tried to take every opportunity to explore that I could. I loved the scenery in Switzerland, the people in Spain, and everything about Amsterdam.

Once I had children, my family and I lived in Scotland for four years, and though we missed being able to find a proper place to get tacos, we enjoyed every minute that we spent there.

I’m always thinking about what’s next. One of my recent vacations in Croatia was an all-time family favorite. We spent two weeks sailing around the spectacular, clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Eating fresh seafood and meeting Croatian families were some of my top highlights.

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  • Pack light! After packing, take half of your things out of your suitcase, then you’ll have enough.

  • Get out from behind the camera and take everything in. Instead of trying to preserve the memory, experience it.

  • Meet a local. Whether at a park, a coffee shop or a grocery store, take 5 minutes to talk to the locals and get the best insight about where you’re visiting.

  • A vacation is the perfect time to slow down and relax. Don’t try to do or see too much at once. Soak it all in. Choose one place to see and experience it fully.

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