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Arthur Pope

San Diego Office

I discovered my wanderlust early on following my artist father across America from gallery to gallery, and it grew as I did. Having since gone on to travel some 40 countries across the world and live in Asia for half a decade, these days I’m thrilled to be sharing my love of travel with our guests!

I’ve spent much of my adult life traveling: living and working across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Wanderlust runs deep in my blood. But of the many places my journeys have taken me, perhaps none has held as deep an appeal for me as Asia. From summering in the shadow of Mt. Fuji to watching the sun rise across Angkor Wat, from the crystalline waters of Koh Samui to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, lazy Laotian rivers to gleaming Hong Kong skyscrapers, and bathing baby elephants to bubbling bowls of pho, the region has served as a literal endless wellspring of amazing experiences.

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What my guests have said

"Thanks for putting together such a wonderful vacation itinerary for us. The hotels were both wonderful, and our tour guide in Bangkok was fantastic. We can't say enough good things about her. I was actually sick on our first couple of days of the trip, but I feel so grateful to the staff who went above and beyond. They sent vegetable soup and some tea to our room as soon as they learned I wasn't well. We were sincerely touched by such thoughtful gestures. The service at the was beyond phenomenal. We could not have had this kind of experience in Thailand without your assistance. We will definitely use Scott Dunn again on our next adventure. Thank you Arthur!

Travel nuggets

  • When in Bangkok, be sure to catch Chatuchak – the city’s biggest and busiest market at its colorful, chaotic peak on weekends!  Home to over 15,000 stalls, you can literally find any and everything at this highlight!

  • Find the very best of Chiang Mai’s night markets tucked between the Ping River and the eastern edge of the old city moat – and don’t be afraid to haggle!

  • Notice all the red teeth in Bhutan?  That’s from the local habit of chewing Betel Nut, which is actually the dried fruit of the Areca Palm. A mild stimulant, it is widely loved amongst Bhutanese, in spite of dubious health effects.

  • Think you like spicy?  Be careful asking for “Thai spicy” in the southern Thai islands – even Thais from other parts of the country find the local spiciness here to be overwhelming.

My hot picks

Dhara Dhevi Hotel, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, Thailand

Faux ancient temple stylings give this property a truly unique feel. The buildings took expert artisans over three years to complete. Though Dhara Dhevi is a nod to the past, the rooms contain all the modern amenities of a luxury location.

Gangtey Lodge, Gangtey, Bhutan

This place truly stands out for its beyond stunning views, unique feeling bespoke bedrooms, and top-notch staff. It emanates calm, and from beginning to end it excels at providing an atmosphere of true luxury.

The Siam, Bangkok, Thailand

The collection here rivals many a museum. The well-known Thai family who owns this place have stocked it with such a deep and wide ranging assortment of art and memorabilia that it would be impossible to soak it all up in one visit.