Chimpanzee tracking in Mahale

Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania

Hiking through the verdant forest in the Mahale mountains in search of chimpanzees is a heart-racing experience. Watch as these primate cousins stop to groom, eat and build nests in their natural habitat, accompanied by an expert guide.

Begin your trek at the sandy shores of Africa's deepest lake, Tanganyika and follow your guide through the forest paths up into the Mahale mountains. Wind your way through ancient trees and keep an ear out for distant whoops of the chimpanzees, or cracking branches as they dash through the canopy. You will follow a set trail but it can be steep at times and slippery underfoot, so you'll need a sense of humour and a good pair of walking shoes. The guides and researchers here know every chimpanzee by name and will tell you about their history and where they fit into the social hierarchy in their troop. You will spend one precious hour with these fascinating creatures, watching them interact, groom one another, carry young ones on their backs and foraging for food. The time flies by so soak up every minute of your time with the chimpanzees before triumphantly returning back to Greystoke to spend the rest of the day.

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