Longhouse Experience & Waterfall Trek

Batang Ai, Borneo, Malaysia

Borneo is still home to a number of indigenous tribes. Spend some time with the Iban tribe, learning about their history and way of life. Your visit will take you to the Iban longhouse, where once the whole community would have slept under one roof.

Venture up the Lemanak River in a longboat to reach the Iban's longhouse. Whilst the tribe's way of life may have changed somewhat with modern times, there are still many traditional beliefs and practices which have been passed down through the generations (although visitors will perhaps be relieved to know that the tribal sport of headhunting is no more!).

During your time with the tribe, you will have the opportunity to witness a traditional dance, and maybe even learn some moves yourself! You may also be able to sample some of their home-made rice wine, which can be surprisingly palatable.

After visiting the longhouse, continue your boat ride up the river, before disembarking to trek on to a secluded waterfall. Once at the waterfall, you can enjoy a refreshing swim and a picnic lunch. There is also the option to go on an hour-long guided trek through the rainforest, or should you prefer, simply sit back and soak up the peaceful atmosphere.

Please note that the water levels will depend on how much rain there has been recently. This will impact at what point you will get off the boat, and also how much water will be coming down the fall.

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