Our Guide to Spain & Portugal

An intoxicating mixture of soul stirring scenery, world class cuisine, captivating cities and passionate people, Spain and Portugal have long been on our radar as two of Europe’s most loved vacation destinations. Yet whilst the Peninsula has for years promised sun and sangria, it is the endless charm of Andalucía, the tantalising foodie scene of San Sebastian and the untamed coastline of the Atlantic that have captured our attention over and over again, turning our heads – and our travel plans – towards these countries. Feast your eyes on our handpicked selection of itineraries, experiences and hotels to inspire your next vacation.


In Spain and Portugal, life is best lived outdoors. Whether it's cycling in the Sierras, horse riding through the Andalucian countryside or taking to the waves of wild and wonderful Atlantic coast, these countries' repertoire of activities knows no bounds. So if it’s a adrenaline fuelled itinerary that ticks your travel boxes, you’ve come to the right place. We've compiled our favorite ways get active, on land and on water.


Spain and Portugal's rich history is a tale of mighty conquistadors and momentous conquests. Worn on its sleeve, in its traditions, architecture, food, music and art, the heritage of these countries is a huge source of national pride, and rightly so. With 12 UNESCO world heritage sites to its name, Portugal is abundant with cultural gems whilst Spain is a patchwork of influences hailing from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and even further afield. We've chosen our very favorite cultural experiences that allow you to get under the skin of both of these fascinating destinations.


Festival fever can be found in every corner of Spain and Portugal. Be it in the name of a saint or a season, the calendar is brimming with festivals, both big and small. So whether its witnessing a poignant procession or joining in with a vibrant carnival, following the siren song of a fiesta is the ultimate way to soak up the world-renowned party atmosphere of Spain and Portugal.


Spain and Portugal are a paradise for foodies. From the renowned wineries and port houses of the Douro Valley to the Michelin star studded town of San Sebastian, the Peninsula is a smorgasbord of culinary delights. Whether it’s a jug of sangria, a selection of tasty pintxos or a sweet custard tart, these countries are self-proclaimed powerhouses of the culinary scene.

Family friendly

We can’t think of a better way to spend the summer than hunkering down with friends or family somewhere sunny. With a host of private villas and family friendly resorts, Spain and Portugal are unrivalled when it comes to getting together with loved ones. We've shortlisted a selection of itineraries, experiences and properties that are perfect for a group getaway.

Seriously Special

For a special occasion or just a well-deserved treat, the Spain and Portugal has it all. There, unadulterated luxury meets exclusive experiential travel in some of the most sought after spots in Europe. We've handpicked the most unforgettable ways to see the region, going beyond the ordinary for a vacation that is almost impossible to dream up. This is Spain and Portugal at their most indulgent.

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