Green Season Game Drives

Luangwa Valley, Zambia

The Green Season, Rainy Season, Emerald Season, Secret Season - what ever you decide to call it, this is a beautiful time of year to be on safari. Activities are rarely disrupted by weather and the bush is full of life.

If you travel outside of the traditional safari months from June through to October, you really are in for a different safari experience. While November in Southern Africa is a HOT month with dramatic cloud build up, it is really after the first rains that life explodes in the bush. The dust of the dry season is replaced by verdant greenery, young animals appear and migrant birds fill the air with sound and movement. Rivers begin to flow, re-establishing the natural boundaries and providing visiting tourists with a new route into the difficult to access wild areas.

It is true that the bush thickens and it can be more difficult to spot wildlife, however, in the South Luangwa you'll be pretty guaranteed phenomenal wildlife sightings at any time of year. One of the benefits of the season is that the established game drive routes become the preferred choice for wildlife on the move - it is not uncommon to experience great sightings right on the track by the vehicle.

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