Mountain Hike trail W10h

Nizwa, Oman

The W10h trek is mostly along a goat’s path and it offers some of the most spectacular views into the wadis on the northern side of the Western Hajar mountains. The trek is an approximate 3 to 4-hour round trip.

The starting point is near the village of Sharaf al Alamayn and you continue for 3.5 kilometres before turning round and coming back on yourself. Alternatively you can join the W9 route and continue for another 9km until you reach the town of Misfat al Abriyyuin. The high altitude of this route means that even in the hottest months the temperature is much more bearable than at other altitudes.

Please note that this trek cannot be done directly from the hotels in the mountains. You will need to travel by car to the start point, and then travel by car back to your hotel. The journey time each way can be 1-2 hours.

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