Full Day Kakku Tour

Kakku, Burma

This full-day tour to Kakku, tucked away in the Shan mountains, reveals one of the most amazing sights in Burma; a complex made up of a staggering 2500 historic stupas.

This full-day tour is a voyage of cultural discovery like no other. Winding roads lead from the lowlands around Inle Lake deep into the Shan Hills, and as the scenery slowly merges from rice paddies to hilly fields small villages inhabited by the Pa-Oh people appear.  Kakku itself is a wonder. The stupas, tightly packed and some reaching heights of 20-metres, appear like a mystical manmade garden. Up-close, the stupas reveal intricate carvings and details and your guide will explain the history of their mysterious origins dating back to the 11th century and their significance to the Pa-Oh people. Only a few tourists make it to Kakku, and its splendid isolation is certainly part of its appeal. On the tour, there will also be a stop at a Pa-Oh village. This tribe has carefully guarded their culture and the women wear fabulous red head coverings similar to turbans.
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