Things to Do in Myanmar

Myanmar has a tantalising array of things to do for even the most discerning traveller. Our experts will be able to guide and suggest the very best experiences for you in keeping with your passions. A real favourite is the sunrise balloon ride over Bagan, as you ascend higher over the arid landscape the sun will catch thousands of dusty monuments creating a patchwork of colours below, a photographer’s dream.

Spend a day on Inle Lake to understand how with the rising water levels the locals have adapted to a new novel way of farming as well as building schools and temples. You will also catch a glimpse of the unique technique adopted by the fishermen, true water acrobats! After a long day of exploring pagodas an Irrawaddy River sunset cruise is perfect to sit back and relax while enjoying the sun set on this magical country or if you like a hands-on experience, Yangon cooking class allows you to learn how to make a tea leaf salad or Burmese curry or an amalgamation of other awesome dishes.

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