Diving around Ibo Island

Quirimbas and the north coast, Mozambique

Ibo Island Lodge has a resident Dive Master and offers scuba diving to ac-credited divers. Ibo has some wonderful dive sites that recent guests have been raving about.

Definitely the most superior diving at Ibo is at the light house. It is a long wall dive that covers an area of 1 square km. Starting at 7m of depth there are large gardens of coral tables, soft corals, bucket corals, green tree corals and at the wall side it falls away to a coral bottom at 21m where divers are likely to see a good range of tropical fish. Highlights on the lighthouse dive are angel fish, massive napoleon wrasse, trumpet fish, damsel fishes, leaf fish, praying mantis shrimp, ribbon eels and garden eels. On the wall side there are overhangs where divers can see potato bass. In the caves on this dive you can also see white banded cleaner shrimp and ghost shrimps. Just off the wall sightings of green turtle are very common with hun-dreds of big eye travellis, five lined snappers, hump head snapper and southern fusilier.

You may also be lucky enough to see dolphins on the dive and often on the way to and from the dive site by boat.

Other dive sites that can be easily accessed from Ibo Island are at the southern tip of Matemo Island, (which is the island north of Ibo) and these sites also include Kingfish Alley and some fantastic shallow dives at the 19th century coal steamer wreck just north of the sandbank beach.

Please note that you can request scuba diving to be available on our tailor made (private departures) mobile island safaris. Please note that you need to make us aware of your potential diving requests at the time of confirming your booking at Ibo Island Lodge. All diving is subject to weather conditions and tides at the time of the dive.

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