Deep Sea Fishing off Mauritius

East Coast, Mauritius

Deep sea fishing is a year-round activity off the coast of Mauritius, although the peak season for marlin runs from October to April. Besides this most famous sport fish, anglers also catch tuna, wahoo, sailfish, bonito and shark.

Mauritius is high up on the hit-list for deep sea fishermen. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or have never stepped in a boat before, this can be a fantastic experience for anyone visiting this Indian Ocean island.

The water around Mauritius supports a healthy population of blue and black marlin. Shoals of yellowfin tuna (65 - 90 kg) move into Mauritian waters in March and April while wahoo, said to be the fastest swimming fish in the sea, are prominent in September.

Other challenges for anglers are the spectacular sailfish (around 45kg), which fly through the air when hooked in an acrobatic display of anger; bonito, a small species of tuna; and blue, hammerhead, mako, tiger, black fin and white fin shark.

Most hotels can book deep-sea fishing boat trips. Boats come equipped with a radio and trolling equipment for live bait and artificial lures.

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