Carnival Time in Grenada

Grenada, Grenada

Grenada's carnival takes place in August each year and everyone is welcome to join in. It's a riot of colour and fun, with lively street parties and theatre, steel bands and calypso competitions that all go on well into the early hours of the morning.

Grenada's carnival takes place in the month of August each year, and has been celebrated on the island since the Europeans occupied it.

Carnival comes from the Latin carne levare, which means "farewell to meat". The tradition, it is said comes from the French and Romans who pigged out on meat the day before Lent and then issuing a strict period of fasting. Between the 1st of the year and Lent, they would celebrate by hosting magnificent banquets. Their slave being left out of their owner's fun would organise their own parties during the same time and because they didn't have the elaborate dresses of their owners, they put together costumes with what little they had.

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