Mokoro trips in Botswana

Okavango Delta and Moremi, Botswana

Botswana's northern safari areas are full of water channels just waiting to be explored. Larger boats can be used to explore the wider channels but for the aficionado, mokoro trips into the smaller channels are a real treat. Always subject to waterlevels

With just your poler for company, you'll glide silently over the crystal clear waters. Papyrus reeds gently fringe the channels, hiding brightly coloured kingfishers and bee-eaters, and if you drift even closer, you may even spot myriad coloured reed-frogs, tiny and clinging to individual reeds. It's a lovely way to explore - utterly silent, so you are able to drift up very close to game as it drinks. Shy antelope, which would usually dart away at the sound of an engine, will watch you curiously as you glide past. The mokoros, previously a hollowed-out tree, are now constructed of the much more environmentally-friendly fibreglass which is lighter and easier to control.

A mokoro trip in the early morning is a real treat; animals generally come to drink at first light so you will have wonderful opportunities to observe them relatively close up. It's also a great vehicle for photography - very little camera shake! Mokoro trips in the afternoon are also very special, although they will return to camp well before sunset. The most relaxing way to view game!

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