Shirley Heights Lookout

South Coast, Antigua

Sunday parties at Shirley Heights have become something of an institution in Antigua. Shirley Heights Lookout is on the southwestern tip of the island so offers spectacular sunsets as well as a taste of Caribbean nightlife with live music and a barbecue.

Shirley Heights was a British military base in the eighteenth century. The choice of location for a vantage point is unsurprising, The Lookout boasts a wonderful view of English Harbour. As the sun sets, keep your eyes open for the famous "Green Flash" of light at the moment the sun disappears behind the horizon.

The Sunday party kicks off at 4pm with the barbecue and the renowned AMP Halcyon Steel Orchestra. After the sun has set, the entertainment moves on to reggae and calypso.

There is also a somewhat quieter gathering with food, music and craft on a Thursday, "Made With Pride in Antigua", and The Lookout Restaurant is open daily.

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